Update: Now healthy, former homeless ailing mama ready for rescue or forever home

UPDATE:  Lakisha was extremely ill when she was rescued. It was unknown at that time if she would even make it. After months of veterinary attention and good foster moms, the timid, homeless girl recovered and blossomed. (Click here for previous article.) She was ready; ready for a family to call her own and that would give her the same unconditional love she would undoubtedly return, 10-fold. Unfortunately, finding a home or reputable rescue to take her was more challenging and took much longer than her recovery.

After the fifth plea was published, PJ Rosche, Founder and President of The Little Red Dog (TLRD) stepped up – as she has before for Crossing Guardians‘ Border Strays – and in spite of the constant nagging for updates and follow-ups she knew would ensue. PJ had a foster waiting to care for her until a forever home was found. That day came today. Lakisha was officially adopted, with a promise to give Crossing Guardians‘ the adopter’s contact information. TLRD certainly lives up to its tagline: “We are on a mission from dog.”

In a text message communication between TLRD and Crossing Guardians, Rosche said:

We love them all. No matter what. She’s a perfect girl. Really has come out of her shell in the last two weeks.

Thank you, TLRD.

Lakisha, have a wonderful life!






Watch this video of Lakisha’s remarkable transformation. Those receiving this article by email must click on the link to the article in order to watch it.


Featured image: PJ Rosche with Lakisha

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