Rottweiler’s nose, ear cut off; reward offered (Video)

Detroit, Mich. – A Good Samaritan called the Michigan Humane Society (“Mich. HS”) after seeing a skinny Rottweiler, now named Baron, wandering the neighborhood on Tuesday. The rescue team went out to the Detroit neighborhood to investigate. They were horrified by what they saw.

According to Cox Media Group, Baron’s nose was cut off, as was his tail and ears – all the way down to the skull – and he had lacerations on his tail and legs. The team rushed him to an veterinary hospital, where his injuries are being treated.

By Wednesday, the Mich. HS issued a press release offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for brutally disfiguring a brown and tan Rottweiler….”



There is no scarcity of stories of some of the worst cruelty and neglect inflicted upon helpless animals. When another animal cruelty story surfaces, evidence of the depravity of the human heart still never ceases to shock us and spur us into action to seek justice for those who have no voice. So it is in this case. The animal-loving community is so outraged over what was done to Baron that donations started pouring in. As a result, the reward amount has increased to $32,000.

Michigan Humane Society’s Facebook Page

Lead cruelty investigator, Mark Ramos, believes Baron was well taken care of at some point in his life. He does not believe his owners are responsible for the horrific injuries intentionally inflicted upon him. Baron is described as friendly and he seeks out the attention of humans. Such is the canine nature. They’re forgiving to a fault, despite the unspeakable cruelty many suffer at the hands of humans.


Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Mich. HS at  (313) 872-3401. As for Baron, he is being held as a stray and treated for his injuries. If no one comes forward, he will go up for adoption.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the award can do so on the Mich. HS’s website, or as shown below. The Mich. HS warns that there are a number of fundraisers started on behalf of Baron. They have no part in such fundraisers and it is best not to contribute to them. This is their statement about it, which was posted on their Facebook page:

We’ve noticed that several Go Fund Me pages have sprouted up to help Baron. While we appreciate the thought, MHS cannot endorse any created page or guarantee the validity of pages already in existence.

Instead, the best way to support Baron is to donate directly to That way, 100 percent of your donation goes to MHS, is tax deductible and directly funds Baron’s care and all the many other animals and programs that are a part of what we do.


Featured photo: Michigan Humane Society’s Facebook page

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  1. I think some one might have stolen.. poor Baron. just saying

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