Stockton man ‘pimping out’ his dogs

One of three dogs seized from man alleged to have been renting them out to others for sex.

A Good Samaritan, Lizet Avila, alerted law enforcement officials that she believed dogs were “being rented for purposes of sex with men” by a man in South Stockton, Calif, according to KRON4. A spunky and brave woman, Avila went further than merely reporting her suspicions, according to the ABC 10 video news footage, shown below. She took the three dogs away from their owner.

Second Chance Kitty thereafter took responsibility over the dogs and brought them to Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, reported

Examinations of the dogs by the vet confirmed everyone’s worst fears.  KRON4 reported that:

The two female dogs, who the group re-named Ava and Emma, have obvious vaginal trauma, according to the veterinarian.

Ava, who is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix, is pregnant but her litter is at risk due to an infection and her physical condition. Emma is a terrier mix and the male dog, Lobo, is a white husky.

Emma will be spayed soon and does not appear to be pregnant. Lobo does not have much physical evidence of trauma, besides a small cut on his inner right leg, according to the group.

And, according to ABC10, “veterinarians found that two of the dogs had severe damage and had been sexually abused, including the use of foreign objects.”

Whether those who engaged in sexual acts with these innocent dogs are zoophiles or bestialists is irrelevant to our moral sensibilities, as well as the law in the state of Calif. Morally speaking, normal people would agree that a sexual act with any animal is vile, perverse and reprehensible.

Under the law in the State of Calif., it is illegal. Cal. Pen. Code section 286.5. Unbelievably, however, it is only a misdemeanor. As for the man who was “pimping out” his dogs for sex, animal advocates hope he will face much more serious charges.

Law enforcement is still in the early stages of the investigation, so cannot comment. In the meantime, the dogs are receiving much-needed veterinary care. Anyone who would like to help with the costs of their care can do so by PayPal at

The post about the case from Second Chance Kitty can be accessed here.


Featured photo: Screenshot of one of three dogs seized from man alleged to have been renting them out to others for sex. (Taken from video footage by YouTube posted by

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  1. This is sick. Poor dogs!

  2. Thanks a lot, Lizet Avila!

  3. Disgraceful sick perverted twisted scum
    Of the earth. Karma please visit this sub human asap

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