Search is on for man who threw devoted dog off cliff

Video footage from a homeowner’s surveillance camera showed a man hurling his dog over a cliff in the neighborhood of City Terrace in Los Angeles, Calif. The man who “discarded” his “trash” happened two weeks ago, reported Fox 11.

Preceding this was a scene of the devoted dog trying to climb into his owner’s car through the passenger window in a desperate, but futile attempt at being close to what comprised his whole world; his whole life – his master. It is because of this scene, however, that it is believed the driver of the car is the dog’s owner.

The pit bull mix survived because a bush stopped her fall, according to Still, the images shown on the video are very disturbing.


The witness to this act of animal cruelty and abandonment walked over to the area where the dog was thrown carrying a flashlight to look for her. There, he saw her behind a bush. “[F]ighting back tears,” he made a statement to Fox 11:

I’ve seen that video three or four times and every time I’ve seen it I don’t know … I’ve seen ugly things in the world.

What this man did is a crime in the State of California, so the “sweet dog” – as her foster “dad,” Ruben Roque, describes her – was confiscated by animal control, as she is now evidence in a criminal investigation. She needs to be checked by a veterinarian, and the required 72-hour waiting period must elapse to allow the owner to claim the dog.

Roque, a combat war veteran, will miss her, but understands that protocol must be followed. She is now at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. When this is all over, Roque is first in line to adopt her and make her a part of his family. The adoption fee will be waived.


Authorities are asking the man responsible to come forward. That doesn’t seem likely, so the public can help by identifying the man who so callously threw his dog over the cliff. On the day the man got rid of his “nuisance,” he was driving an Audi with a sunroof.

Anyone with information about this incident, or who can identify this man, is urged to immediately contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 213-229-1700.

Featured photo:  Screenshot of suspect taken from video footage taken from

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