Abandoned dog included in each major milestone of family that adopted him

Tijuana, MX – On November 12, 2019, Crossing Guardians were alerted about a dog who was thrown out of a car and abandoned. He chased the now-fleeing car, but it was too fast. He walked back to the place where he was dumped, and cried and howled for four days, nonstop. Yes, he was grieving. Do animals grieve? Absolutely. No doubt about it.

The person who posted the lost and heartbroken dog on social media asked for someone to get him out of her neighborhood. We are thankful she reached out to social media, rather than call animal control — which would have resulted in quite a different outcome for this gentle soul.

We named him Ralph. His fosters referred to him as Ralphie and that’s the name that stuck. Initially shy and withdrawn, he eventually came out of his shell. Ralphie is such a good dog. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to abandon him.

There is much more history to finally getting Ralphie placed with the perfect family. Anyone who rescues animals understands that it takes teamwork that involves multiple people, especially when rescuing animals in another country. Let’s do a fast-forward.

Suffice it to say, the founder of Mutts In Need has an uncanny ability at placing our rescued furry critters in great homes. For that reason, and the fact that we share the same rescue-work ethic, Crossing Guardians works almost exclusively with this rescue.

This post is to demonstrate how a loving couple, Matthew and Kelly Simmers, adopted Ralphie, not merely be a family pet, but so much more. Kelly said in an email that Ralphie “is truly the love of our lives and … couldn’t imagine life without him,” adding the adage, “It’s Ralphie’s world and we’re just living in it.”

I would say these are accurate statements. Ralphie is definitely firmly entrenched in the Simmers’ family. They have included him in the every major milestones of their life. Ralphie was part of their beautiful wedding, he was present when the results of a pregnancy test was revealed, and he is now the proud big brother of their beautiful daughter, Sadie. Yes, Ralphie is an integral part of the Simmers’ little family unit.

It should be this way for all of our furry kids.

Here is a video of Ralphie’s life with the Simmers family. You can click on the link, or watch it here.


3 Comments on "Abandoned dog included in each major milestone of family that adopted him"

  1. BEAUTIFUL family!!! Thank you for rescuing Ralphie!

  2. That’s the life Ralphie deserves, beautiful!

  3. That’s the life Ralphie deserves! Thanks to everybody involved in his rescue!

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