Reward fund growing after badly abused puppy found in dumpster in alley

Chloe being held by her rescuers soon after they pulled her from the dumpster. (Source: Screenshot from YouTube video posted by NBC Los Angeles)

Long Beach, Calif. – A barely one-year-old puppy was found inside a plastic bag in a dumpster along an ally in Long Beach, Calif., by a Good Samaritan who immediately rescued her and rushed her to Long Beach Veterinary Hospital.

Dumpster where Chloe was found in a trash bag. (Source: Screenshot from YouTube video posted by NBC Los Angeles)

According to NBC Los Angeles, the female puppy, now named Chloe, not only showed obvious signs of neglect — including badly matted fur with human urine and food stuck in it — but vets found she had a fractured skull, broken ribs, as well as a broken leg that appeared to be an old injury — a sign that she had suffered prolonged physical abuse in her short life time.

Shivering uncontrollably, she was so weak, she couldn’t even lift her tiny head. Her rescuers told NBC Los Angeles that Chloe probably would not have made it another three hours.

Chloe at the Long Beach Veterinary Hospital (Source: Screenshot of YouTube video posted by NBC Los Angeles)

Chloe’s entire life — not even a year — comprised only of neglect, physical abuse, sorrow and despair. The only humans she knew and loved abused her intentionally. That was her reality.

Her rescuers was outraged that a tiny puppy could suffer so much abuse. They started a reward fund, which they kicked off by donating $1,000 of their own money as an inducement to identify the culprit(s) responsible for Chloe’s life-threatening injuries and neglect.

There are no cameras in the alley where Chloe was found, so the probability of finding the suspects is small. However, a reward may be the incentive a witness needs to step forward and identify the party or parties responsible.

Since Chloe’s rescuer started the reward fund, JustFoodForDogs added another $10,000 to the reward fund, increasing it to $11,000 by Tuesday. Others have donated and the fund is now at $13,000.

As of tonight, The ARRA was informed that Chloe survived and was stable enough to go home with a foster under the care of Fix Long Beach Pets a little over a week ago. The rescue organization created a facebook page dedicated to Chloe, called Saving Chloe.

The person or persons responsible for Chloe’s neglect and injuries are evil incarnate, or evil-possessed. That person, or those persons, targeted a vulnerable creature — just a baby — who had no voice. She was at their mercy. Abuse is all she understood her life to be.

When her abuser grew bored with her, he or she tossed her in a bag and threw her in an alleyway dumpster. If it weren’t for the Good Samaritan who passed by the dumpster on that day and at that moment, Chloe would be dead, having never experienced life as it should be for all pets.

Law enforcement officials take this kind of crime very seriously — so seriously that people are urged to contact the Violent Crimes Details Unit of the Long Beach Police Department at (562) 570-7250. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call LA Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or download the app to your Smart phone by clicking here.

Law abiding citizens do not need or want “evil” to walk amongst us. These kinds of cowardly criminals are dangerous. They go after the weak and vulnerable, and generally do not stop at animals. If they haven’t yet moved on to humans, they soon will.

Updates about Chloe’s progress can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook page that Fix Long Beach Pets created just for her.

Donations to help Chloe or other dogs like her can make a donation in one of three ways: Through Fix Long Beach Pets’ website; by PayPal at; or through Venmo by directing payments to @FixLongBeach.

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