Dog hanging thwarted by Good Samaritan neighbor

Manta, Ecuador – A dog’s life was saved after a Good Samaritan happened to notice his neighbor, who lives below him, trying to hang a dog that wandered onto his property. The dog allegedly killed one of his chickens or roosters.

Thankfully, the Good Samaritan happened to be in the right place at the right time and successfully stopped the would-be dog killer from carrying out his sinister plan. It was also a good thing that the Good Samaritan had the wherewithal to record everything using his Smart phone.

On the video, the would-be dog killer’s intent is clear. He wanted to kill the dog – but, not quickly. He sentenced the dog to death by hanging; by slow and tortuous asphyxiation. He assembled some sort of a pulley-type contraption and wrapped one end of a long rope around the dog’s neck, while he had hold of the other side of the rope.

He was about to start pulling on his end of the rope to hang the dog, but the Good Samaritan screamed at the man below. In Spanish, he screams, “Let the dog go or I will kill you, you damned son of a bitch!” The Good Samaritan is incensed; he’s outraged about what his neighbor below was about to do.

The video ends with the Good Samaritan taking off to confront the man. There appears to be a scuffle as family members try to stop him, but he is intent on saving the dog. He called law enforcement.



When the police arrived at the man’s residence, the Good Samaritan presented them with the video evidence. It is not known whether the man was arrested or charged with a crime by the police. The dog’s owner arrived at the scene a few minutes later and retrieved his dog. He is now safe with his owner, who plans to file a criminal complaint.

Hopefully, the dog’s owner will be more careful about allowing his dog to roam around the streets unsupervised.

Jefferson Rescate, the rescue organization that posted the video, thanks the Good Samaritan volunteers and the police for their help in saving the dog.


Police and Good Samaritans reunite dog with owners. (© Jefferson Rescata)


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