Desperate mama tears through plastic garbage bag to save her puppies

Tijuana, Mex.  A mama dog gave birth to a litter of pups. The fact that her owners left her unsterilized is no surprise. Here’s the shocker – although it shouldn’t be, given the things rescuers have witnessed in this area. The owners solved the issue of suddenly being saddled with a bunch of puppies by throwing them into a plastic trash bag to die. “Out of sight, out of mind,” so the saying goes.

Of course, it didn’t take long for mama dog to notice that her puppies were missing. She searched and searched for her beloved babies until she finally came upon the plastic trash bag with them in it. She immediately tore open the trash bag. Sadly, only one puppy survived. Her other babies had suffocated to death. They never had a chance.

There was one reason why the owners allowed mama to live. They needed her milk. They’re breeders of pit bulls and they wanted her milk to feed the puppies of their female pit bull, presumably because the mama pit bull couldn’t produce her own milk as a result of serious neglect.

Independent animal rescuer, Ingrid Velasco, was notified by her friend about what transpired. They got mama and her one surviving baby out of the Pit of Hell (no pun intended) and took them both to safety. It was readily apparent that the puppy was in trouble. Here’s why. The puppies weren’t worthy of being thrown into a new garbage bag, so they simply tossed them in an already-used bag amongst other rubbish and waste. As a result, two fly larvae had made a home in the surviving puppy’s tiny eyeballs, which had become badly infected.

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As this short 2-second clip shows, Mama Tamara was clearly very protective of her only surviving baby.


Velasco and her mother, Elizabeth Gon Sal, took the puppy to the vet. Gon Sal also posted her story on social media. By the time Crossing Guardians answered the plea, Mama Tamara’s puppy perished from the infection in her eyes. With teats still full of milk, Tamara is now grieving deeply.

Tamara is being fostered by Velasco and will be receiving vet care. Once she is fully vetted and sterilized, she will be put up for adoption or placed with a reputable rescue. She is good with people and other dogs. She is a sweet girl who is mourning the loss of her babies.

Unsterilized companion animals is common everywhere, but the devastating effects of that is significantly worse in areas where homelessness abounds. Unsterilized homeless animals reproduce, reproduce and reproduce, making pet over-population a dire problem in Mexico.

Despite increased awareness and animal rescue efforts in this area, the problem seems to have worsened. But, thanks to compassionate independent rescuers, like Velasco and Gon Sal, many are saved. Early intervention is essential.

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