Independent animal rescuer saves dog being hit and thrashed about by owner

Mexicali, Mex.  Independent animal rescuer Denise Romero witnessed an angry man hitting and thrashing his dog around by the neck, even though the dog did nothing to provoke such cruelty. It was very difficult for Romero as she videotaped the interaction between the abusive owner and his dog.

In spite of the ill treatment, the dog can be seen dutifully and faithfully following his “master,” submitting to what was his normal way of life. He did as he was told, standing obediently still with ears flat against his head and tail tucked between his legs.

Amil being struck by his owner.

The man began washing his dog using dirty water that appeared to have pooled near a parking lot curb. He shoved his dog aside when he was finished, stacked something off to the side and walked away. Not surprisingly, his dog followed him, dutifully. This was his life. This man was his world.

Amil faithfully follows his owner-abuser

The loyal nature of the canine species cannot be overstated. They’re innocent and faithful to a fault. That is precisely why we call them “Man’s Best Friend.”

Animal abuse happens every second of every day in all parts of the world. It is common in Mexico. Many people have no qualms about abusing their animals in public for the whole wide world to see – as was the case here.

On this day, it was the victim-dog’s lucky day. Romero was on-scene and she’s a fearless champion for animals. The physical and emotional abuse inflicted on this poor creature was too much to bear. After watching the tragic spectacle unfold before her eyes, she – like so many animal-lovers in Mexico – took the dog away from the man, by force.

If animal rescuers in this neck of the woods had the wherewithal to capture themselves on video rescuing distressed animals, they would be recognized for the wonderful work that they do. But, that is not why they rescue animals. That is not why they take video footage and photos of animals in distress. They do it to ask for assistance.

What Romero captured on video is what you see here and was taken so she could put out a plea for help. It worked. Crossing Guardians agreed to help and he is now under the rescue’s care.


Now named Amil, which means “hope” in Arabic, he is safe with Romero, who has agreed to temporarily foster him. Amil is as sweet as can be. Romero says it breaks her heart that he was subjected to such cruelty, adding that he cries when he sees her.

Amil happily greets his savior, Denise Romero

Amil will be receiving vet care soon. Once he is fully vetted, vaccinated and sterilized, he will be ready to be placed in his forever home. He adores people and gets along well with other dogs. He’s a very good boy and deserves to be part of a loving family.

An update about his health will follow after his vet visit.

1 Comment on "Independent animal rescuer saves dog being hit and thrashed about by owner"

  1. MIOARA PUICA | May 27, 2018 at 4:05 am | Reply

    We live in a world with depraved human beings and we are astounded every single day how horrible people are to innocent living creatures who cannot defend themselves and are unfortunately at the mercy of these disgusting humans … Very sad and disappointing.
    Thank you very much for saving this sweet baby, and GOD bless you Denise Romero!!

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