He had a name: Rex

Tijuana, Mex. – A request for help went out on social media of an emaciated little dog laying on the sidewalk, motionless.  He was alive, but barely.  The woman who published the plea did not have a car and didn’t want to move him.  She left him there.  He lay alone in the cold all night until Crossing Guardians was notified the following day.


Sick little poodle dumped on a sidewalk


Crossing Guardians worked with animal rescuer, Angeles Fernandez.  She rushed to the location and saw him laying there.  She approached the tiny dog, who was soiled in grime and his own waste.  She feared it was too late. He looked dead.  Upon closer inspection, she saw he was still breathing.  Fernandez was in communication with Crossing Guardians the entire time.  They asked that she take him immediately to Dr. Juan with Goumao Vet.  She obliged.

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Crossing Guardians notified Dr. Juan that the little dog was coming in.  He was on his way out, but kindly stayed at the clinic to wait for Fernandez to arrive with the little boy.  He assured everyone he would do all he could to save him.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after Fernandez arrived that Dr. Juan contacted Crossing Guardians to tell them what they didn’t want to hear.  In the throes of distemper, he was suffering greatly.  Dr. Juan said his chance of surviving was a mere 2% and recommended that he be euthanized.


Authorization was given to end his suffering.  He was just a puppy.  As long-time rescuers of animals in this area, we know the likely story. The puppy was bought or “adopted” on an impulse.  After the novelty of a little puppy wore off, he was banished to the backyard.  By the way the body lay on the sidewalk, it appears someone placed him there.

However he ended up there on that sidewalk to die alone, it was cruel.  Even though it is an all too familiar scene in Tijuana, Mex., Fernandez was still appalled by the blatant apathy of the dozens of people she saw walk past the dog.  She couldn’t understand how they could see a living creature in obvious pain and walk by “it,” as if “it” were an old shoe that littered the street.  To say she was indignant would be an understatement.

The abandoned little dog meant something to animal lovers.  He was more than a thing some heartless person or family no longer wanted.  He was given a name.  His name was Rex.  Rex wasn’t alone.  Fernandez stayed with him and gently stroked him until he took his last breath.

Here is his other information, which is provided here because he mattered:

  • Name: Rex
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Miniature poodle mix
  • Age: 1 year
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Temperament: Probably would have been friendly with people and other animals
  • Health: Distemper, emaciation, etc.
  • History: Abandoned; victim of neglect by humans
  • DOD: March 24, 2018

There are many “Rexes” in Mexico – too many.  The video, below, was taken just yesterday.  In it is a group of dogs living amongst garbage and debris.  One – maybe the mama – has obvious injuries.  Others appear to still be puppies.  It won’t take long before the streets claim their health or their lives.  Still, Crossing Guardians and other rescue organizations continue to work with our rescue partners south of the border to improve the conditions and save the lives of as many homeless animals as we can handle.

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