Puppy dumped near death at same high-kill shelter where she was adopted 2 years ago

Moreno Valley, Calif. – Two years ago, a puppy at the Moreno Valley Animal Services was at risk of being euthanized for lack of space. She was networked by the facebook page, Friends of Moreno Valley Shelter Animals. On July 31, 2015, she was adopted.

Intake photos two years ago before being adopted (Source: Moreno Valley Animal Services)

Named Cinderella, her owner surrendered her last week at the same shelter out of which she adopted 2 years earlier. The feature photo of her behind the shelter bars appears generic. It’s like the hundreds of shelter photos taken of homeless animals across our nation that come by email or posted on social media on a daily basis. What cannot be seen are clear indications of how she existed during the two years she was in her adopter’s “care.”

Her name is Cinderella, but she did not live a “Cinderella life” – at least, not the fairytale life after Prince Charming placed the glass slipper on the fictional character’s little foot.

Cinderella was not just a bedraggled dog who needed a bath. Her skinny frame was riddled with thousands of engorged ticks. They were even between the pads of her paws. The ticks were literally sucking the life out of her. Her gums were white. She was severely anemic. At only 2 years old, she was dying.

PJ Rosche, Founder of The Little Red Dog (“TLRD”), was compelled to rescue the poor girl from the shelter and rushed her to their animal hospital. Once there, the staff painstakingly pulled off over 1,000 ticks from their host’s body. Cinderella was in dire need of a blood transfusion, which she received.

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Cinderella being treated at the vet (Source: PJ Rosche, TLRD)

The vet opined that this is a case of animal cruelty. Indeed, without vet care, he said it was just “a matter of hours or days” before Cinderella would have perished. Cinderella tested positive for ehrlichia and is being treated for it. As for any other maladies she likely has, the vet couldn’t perform other blood tests because she just didn’t have enough blood!

TLRD has many animals under its care at the moment. They are stretched to the limit; but, like many animal rescuers, Rosche’s first instinct was to save a life. In these types of situations, animal rescuers’ thinking process is “Act first and we’ll work out the details later.”

Rosche reports that Cinderella is getting better, but TLRD needs financial assistance to help meet the costs of Cinderella’s extensive vet care. Anyone who can donate is asked to do so by through TLRD’s website, or by PayPal at pj@thelittlereddog.com. Cinderella is being treated at South Orange County Animal Hospital, 24801 Raton Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Anyone who prefers to call in their donation directly to the vet can do so at (949) 313-6331.

Please look between your cushions or car floor for spare change. Every little bit will help. TLRD wants to give Cinderella her fairytale life. She certainly deserves a “happily ever after.”


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