Mama dog and puppies saved by headstrong determined animal rescuers

Tijuana, Mex. – Erika Ivett, a life-long animal rescuer, and her daughter, Iselle Brigitte, had the misfortune of getting a flat tire. They pulled over and called for help. While waiting for help to arrive on this very hot day, they noticed a dog on a very short chain in a dilapidated, unfenced yard.

As animal lovers, they became concerned. They went onto the premises and noticed there were also two, unrestrained puppies. They asked a man in the yard about what appeared to be a mama dog and her puppies. He responded that he was going to get rid of the puppies by tossing them on the highway, which was only a couple of yards away.

Head-strong and angry about what the man said he was about to do, Ivett and Brigitte documented everything by videotaping their interaction. They told him that his treatment of his animals was illegal, and warned him they were going to contact the authorities. Their persistence worked, as shown on the video, and in which mama can be seen begging Ivett to get her the heck out of that place.

What was an unfortunate occurrence for Ivett and her daughter was a very fortunate, life-saving event for mama and her babies. Every life matters. They mattered.

Both puppies and their mama will be vetted within the next week or two. Mama will also be sterilized. They need to be placed very quickly thereafter. Anyone interested in any of these babies is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at or

Pertinent information about each dog:

Mama (Miya)
> Breed: Chi mix
> Age: Approx. 2 years
> Weight: 22 lbs.
> She will be tested, vaccinated and sterilized

Yellow puppy (Mason)
> Breed: Chi mix
> Gender: Male
> Age: 2 Mos.
> Weight: 1.7 lbs.
> He will be tested and vaccinated

Black/tan puppy (Mimi)
> Breed: Chi mix
> Gender: Female
> Age: Approx. 2 Mos.
> Weight: 2.2 lbs.
> She will be tested and vaccinated

Anyone who would like to donate towards their vet care and others like them can do so by PayPal at, or by clicking here.


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