‘Lil punk’ amuses himself and friends tossing cat as high as he can in the air

A video was posted by the Facebook page, Titus and His Girl Hailey, of a guy holding a cat around the midsection, and tossing him or her up in the air as high as possible, while the cat somersaults in the air before making a pretty rough landing. It is unknown whether the victim-cat suffered any injuries.

The cowardly punk – who goes by the name “Lil Marcuss” – and his cohorts can be heard laughing it up with absolutely no regard to the well-being of the cat. (For purposes of this article, Lil Marcuss will be referred to as “Lil Punk.”)

Screenshot of video of that Lil Punk, throwing a cat with the caption with an expletive and laughing emojis.

The video – which can be seen here – was removed, but not before someone got a hold of it and shared it on Facebook. (WARNING: Images shown in the video may be disturbing or offensive to some.) The comment under the video read:

Mom here……I have been debating sharing this but thought about it…..we need him held accountable for such animal abuse and I can only imagine how many more animals have suffered at his hands. Please share, lets get it viral and hopefully get some justice for this poor furbaby. We do not know where he is from but hoping we have some investigators in our fb family that can get this video into the hands of someone that will do something about it. He has since removed the video but one of Ty’s Uncles swiped it before it was removed. His account description says “just for fun”….if this is fun to him then he is a real sicko. His instagram account is http://instagram.com/omgaton. Lets make sure he can not hurt another animal.

What kind of person “gets his rocks off” harming a living, breathing being? Even people who don’t particularly care for animals wouldn’t throw a cat up in the atmosphere as high as possible. They also know it’s wrong.

It appears as though Lil Punk is simply engaging in a childish prank (which doesn’t make the act any less egregious), but could it be “a sign of deep-seated psychopathology that will someday erupt into far worse violence against people”- as Hal Herzog Ph.D. asks in his article, “Animal Cruelty and the Sadism of Everyday Life,” Psychology Today?

Whatever is behind a person’s intentional act of animal cruelty, mental health experts and law enforcement agree that “cruelty to animals is a precursor to larger crime,” according to Nelson Ferry in a statement made to FBI News. Furthermore, there is a strong link between animal cruelty and violence against humans. For that reason, the FBI added animal cruelty the Bureau’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), starting in January of 2016.

Even more disturbing is the pride Lil Punk had for his “work.” In an Instagram post, he boasts, “My video went viral,” along with both an emoji laughing hysterically, and a cool emoji (one wearing sunglasses).

Instagram screenshot of Lil Punk’s comment about the video of him throwing a cat.

The comments left under the Facebook video indicate that the animal-loving community is outraged – and rightly so. Although understandable, The Animal Rights and Rescue Advocate does not condone violence. Violence begets violence. One should always take the high road.

Those who wish to have Lil Punk held criminally liable for animal cruelty are asked to contact the City of Dayton Police Department at one of the numbers below, or by writing them at the address shown below, and politely requesting they track down Lil Punk (AKA Lil Marcuss) and arrest him.

For non-Emergencies, call 937-333-2677 (333-COPS)

Other phone numbers:

Information Office   937-333-1000
Chief´s Office   937-333-1080
Assistant Chief´s Office   937-333-1082


335 W. Third St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402

If this is not the appropriate agency with jurisdiction over Lil Punk, you are asked to contact this author with the correct information. This article can be amended at any time.

Lil Punk’s Facebook page has been disabled or removed. His Instagram page was up, (minus the video), until just a few minutes before this article was written.

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