Dog living in storm drain for 6 months; warns against GoFundMe campaign to use a dart

Screenshot from WFAA Media video posted on YouTube

Grand Prairie, TX – A female German shepherd has been living in a storm drain for six months, according to what neighbors told WFAA.

The dog is about 60 to 70 lbs. and has since been dubbed Cassie by local residents. Whether Cassie is a female or male is unknown. The name suggests the dog is female, but witnesses refer to Cassie as “him” or “it.”

One neighbor, Michelle Chargois, commented to WFAA:

I felt like someone was looking at me, and I looked back, and his head was right there.

It rained last Friday and was flooding, according to resident, Karla Thompson. She feared Cassie would drown. However, Cassie has been spotted since then, so she did not succumb to the recent flooding.

The Grand Prairie Animal Services (GPAS) is aware of the situation. GPAS manager, Danielle Tate, said that Cassie is not actually “stuck,” as she has been seen entering and exiting the drainage system. GPAS personnel has tried to catch Cassie, but with no success – although in a statement to WFAA, Tate said they “have it under control.”

GPAS is working with a neighbor, who is starting to gain Cassie’s trust by hand-feeding her, reports WFAA. They hope to catch her and get her to safety.

Resident Chargois said that “The story is … he kind of likes to live down there!”

Animal advocates vehemently disagree with that “story,” as canines are social beings. They do not live in isolation, unless scared or untrusting. A storm drain is no place for a domesticated animal to live – but that is what Cassie has called home for 6 months.

There is a GoFundMe campaign that was set up – the aim of which is to dart Cassie. Tate warns against donating to the fund, saying, “that is not the best solution.” However, resident Thompson and animal lovers everywhere are becoming increasingly frustrated. Thompson asks, “Are we going to let it go another six months?”


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