Sheriff’s Office issues warning of hotdogs, beef sticks stuffed with Ibuprofen

Scott County, Minn. – The Scott County Sheriff’s Office posted a warning yesterday that pieces of hot dogs and beef sticks with Ibuprofen inside of them were found strewn about the area of Cedric Lane and Harvest Drive.

The area has since been “thoroughly searched and cleaned up by Officer Machaby with the Elko New Market Police Department,” according to the warning.

Ibuprofen is a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory drug that can be purchased over-the-counter. It is highly toxic to cats and dogs. If ingested by either, it can be lethal, according to

The pills appear to have been carefully stuffed, lengthwise, through the middle of the hot dogs and beef sticks. This is indicative of a deliberate, well-thought-out plan to cause harm. It’s chilling to think about what must have been going through that person’s “gray matter” while engaging in such a sinister act.

Source: Scott County Sheriff’s Office facebook page.


The motive behind such a carefully crafted and thought-out plan is unknown. However, it is safe to assume that a normal (or reasonable) person wouldn’t invest the resources – as little as it might be – to achieve some harmful result, whatever that may be. A reasonable person either doesn’t have, or wouldn’t take the time to go through the painstaking act of inserting a potentially lethal drug right in the center of hot dogs and beef sticks. A reasonable person would not want to harm other people or animals. Only a mental healthcare professional could provide a more definitive answer as to whether there is some level of psychopathy in the culprit’s mind.

The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information about this case to contact them immediately, at (952) 496-8300, or the Elko New Market Police Department, at (952) 461-6068. You can remain anonymous.


Featured photos source: Scott County Sheriff’s Office

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