The ‘odd couple’ at Dallas shelter finds their way back home

Pancha sleeping on top of Mary Lee at the Dallas Animal Shelter.

Dallas, Tex. – An unlikely duo were found as strays in Dallas last Thursday. They were inseparable then; they were inseparable while housed at the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

The shelter staff had a hunch. They felt the mismatched couple were someone pets, but they somehow managed to escape the safety of their home. Their venture on the “outside” led them to the Dallas shelter.

Going with that hunch, the Dallas Shelter shared the odd couple on social media with the post that read:

Do you know these dogs?

This mismatched pair (A0994268 and A0994278) came in together as strays yesterday and as you can see, they’re inseparable.

While they have no identification, we’d like to think someone is out there looking for them, so we’re hoping our Facebook fans can help spread the word to help connect them with their owner.

The post was shared nearly 3,680 times.

It paid off. The tiny Chihuahua and his much bigger, Goliath-looking partner – who also served as his bed – were reunited with their humans when they came in to claim them.

Inseparable ‘odd couple’ at the shelter (Source. Dallas Shelter)

Dallas Shelter’s facebook updated the post, stating “Happy reunion photo coming soon!”  The public anticipatedly awaits them.


Featured photo: Dallas Shelter’s facebook page

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