Update 3: Tess’ journey


Los Angeles, Calif. – Tess – a quiet and reserved senior beagle-mix – was picked up as a stray on the streets of Los Angeles and taken to the North Central Animal Care and Control. Hugo, a pig who was found running up to people on Hollywood Blvd., was also taken to the same shelter.

In an over-crowded shelter, both faced death. All signs pointed to the sad fact that they likely never experienced the touch of caring hands. Now, both Tess and Hugo will be able to live out their lives loved and in comfort.  (For previous articles, click herehere and here.)  

Tess and Hugo’s journey to get to this place is related beautifully in this video, created by their savior, Chela Landau, founder of Starfish Animal Rescue.

Donations for Tess and Hugo are still needed. Anyone who can donate is asked to make a tax-deductible donation by PayPal to starfishrescue@gmail.com. 

Enjoy your life, Tess and Hugo!

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