UPDATE: Still no interest in geriatric girl now named Tess (VIDEOS)

Los Angeles, Calif. – The senior female beagle mix who was captured on video by Denise Santiago Jones is still waiting for a home. (For the initial article, click here.) Now named Tess, she is in her golden years, which is likely cut down by more than half the span of a normal dog because of what appears to be a history of prolonged neglect.

Tess (Source: North Central ACC)

Sweet Tess (Source: North Central ACC)

In spite of the ill-treatment by humans, as well as the pain she is in (which can be seen in the video in the first article), Tess is one of the most sweet and gentle dogs one can ever meet. The workers and North Central ACC are trying their best to get her into a good home. A New Hope Coordinator at the shelter, Tiffany Hamilton, sent an email to all rescues about sweet Tess. In it, she says:

Tess is a diamond in the rough. She is a 12 year old, spayed female, Beagle mix that has suffered a lot. Tess has been a resident with North Central since April 18th, when she arrived as a stray. My heart sinks when I see her because of how she has been neglected; however, it’s her gentle and affectionate spirit that lifts my heart back up. She is full of curiosity and loves to use her nose during her outdoor adventures in our training yards. Despite her condition, she is upbeat, engaging, and even non-reactive when walking through the kennels. She has so much potential. Our hope is that our senior Beagle will find a loving and attentive home in which she can recuperate and live out the rest of her life. Upon rescue, Tess will need to be taken to the vet for further evaluation and blood work. Please consider Tess, a Beagle full of love, for rescue or adoption. You can find Tess’s profile by using ID# A1693037 ​

Tess is a sweet girl, who doesn’t complain, doesn’t protest, shows no resentment – the latter of which is reserved for humans. She carries her old bones with graceful quiet reserve. Still doubtful? The two videos (below), sent to Jones by Hamilton supports these glowing assessments about her beautiful temperament. 

Anyone who has the time and compassion to give an elderly gal some much-needed TLC for her remaining time on this earth is asked to contact the North Central Animal Shelter at (888) 452-7381 or (213) 485-5767. The shelter is located at 3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031. Hours or operation are:

Tuesday – Saturday (8:00AM – 5:00PM)
Sunday – (11:00AM – 5:00PM)

Tick-tock. Time is of the essence.

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