Two puppies barely survive puppyhood now off to a wonderful life

Dolly (left) and Joseph (right_

Tijuana, Mex. – A plea went out in early February for two puppies who were ready to be placed in a forever home or with a reputable rescue.

Named Dolly and Joseph, their story began when independent animal rescuer and Crossing Guardians’ rescue partner, Erika Ivett, spotted their mama eating garbage strewn about a street in Tijuana, Mex., with a belly full of babies dragging on the ground. The poor girl could barely walk. Ivett didn’t want to leave the very pregnant little terrier mix on the street to fend for herself, so she scooped her up in her arms and took her home with her. Crossing Guardians fully sponsored her care and the care of her babies.

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A week later, she gave birth, but it was a complicated one. Out of a litter of 6, only 2 made it – but barely. Named Dolly and Joseph, they, too, were ill and almost died on multiple occasions. After receiving extensive vet care and a lot of TLC, they survived. As much as technology would allow to treat the two babies were done in Tijuana. It was time for Dolly and Joseph to move on to the next stage of their final destination – a forever family.

Dolly (left) and Joseph (right) Source: Crossing Guardians

The initial plea for a home or rescue was met with silence. As it turns out, however, that wasn’t a bad thing at that time. Joseph and Dolly unexpectedly became ill, again, and needed additional vet care before they could cross into the U.S.

After they recovered, Crossing Guardians contacted Shelly Meszaros with Shelly’s Shelter, who then connected Crossing Guardians with Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego (“CRSD”), a very reputable Chihuahua rescue in San Diego.

CRSD’s CEO, Ann Weber, was happy to welcome both into her rescue, even though Joseph was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Rarely is everything perfect in the world of animal rescue in Tijuana, Mexico. The animals rescued in this neck of the woods always come from horrid conditions. The reality is that many do not survive. (See video)

Ivett bidding a tearful farewell to Dolly and Joseph (Source: Crossing Guardians)

The two surviving siblings relied on each other for the entire five months of their lives. A few days after the two little ones were transported to CRSD, Weber felt this was a good time to separate them so they could more easily bond with their humans. It was the right decision. Both adapted very well with their new foster parents.

CRSD facebook page


Dolly was eventually adopted by a couple who are “return adopters,” according to CRSD, and “[opened] up their hearts and their home to sweet Dolly.”

Dolly will have a wonderful life. Never will she experience the life her mother once had. The mama, named Miny Osita, now lives happily with her savior, Ivett. She is safe and very much loved.



Joseph is happy and content in his current foster home, which he shares with his new 7-month-old foster sister, Florence. However, Joseph needs a forever home and pet “parents” or a “parent” who can provide him with lifetime care for his heart murmur. It will take a special human to take care of this special little boy.

Source: CRSD facebook page

As the video (below) shows, Joseph is a typical, happy and active tiny puppy who simply has a little boo-boo in his heart.

Any special person who would like to adopt Joseph and resides in the San Diego area is asked to fill out CRSD’S adoption application. As a reputable rescue organization, CRSD has a careful screening process.

To donate to help Crossing Guardians continue to rescue “Border Strays,” and get them healthy and adoptable to cross into the United States for eventual placement with a reputable rescue or forever home can do so by clicking here, or by PayPal here.

Both Crossing Guardians and CRSD are all-volunteer organizations, which rely solely on donations to carry out their respective mission.

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