Homeless dog who followed a human he didn’t know into her home is in need of a home or rescue

Tijuana, Mex. – On a cold night in January, a stray German shepherd mix, dubbed Jimmy, lay in front of a home owned by a lifelong independent animal rescuer, Erika Ivett. Was this a fortuitous occurrence, or could Jimmy sense that the human who lived in the home in front of him would become his savior. Whatever brought him there, it would save his life.

Jimmy in front of Ivett’s house

The thousands of stray animals roaming the streets in Tijuana and surrounding areas is sadly very much a part of Mexico’s landscape. Although common, Ivett still takes the time to feed and provide water to stray animals she encounters. She did the same for Jimmy. There was on anomaly, however.

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After Ivett gave Jimmy nourishment and hydration, she opened her gate to get into her home. Jimmy followed her into her yard and continued following her into her home, where he collapsed from exhaustion and slept in the same spot the entire night. It was at that time when Ivett noticed a huge wound on one of his hind legs, causing him a great deal of pain. She surmised he may have been hit by a car.

He needed immediate vet care, which he received.

During the time Jimmy was in Ivett’s care, she knew Jimmy was very special. Ivett describes him this way:

Jimmy is a good [dog]. Calm. Gets along with other dogs and children. He is obedient, responds to commands, and even knows how to give you his paw (dog’s version of shaking hands). He walks very well on a leash; stays by your side. He aims to please.

Ah, but nothing is ever perfect. There was one problem: Jimmy does not like cats. Ivett not only has cats at home, but she feeds stray and feral cats, who visit her home regularly for nourishment. For this reason, Jimmy was placed with a foster.

It started out well, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Even though boarding fees were paid regularly and dog food furnished, the foster took in another dog, who didn’t like Jimmy. The foster remedied the situation by relegating the very sociable and loving Jimmy to a tiny area where he has been deprived of any interaction, except maybe to be fed – but, even that is now questionable.

Ivett went to visit him earlier this week and is now even more concerned about his well-being. She described Jimmy as “very depressed,” and added that he also appears to have lost weight. The situation for Jimmy is not good, physically or psychologically.

Jimmy is in desperate need of a reputable rescue or forever home. Dogs are social animals. Tossing him off to some isolated area where he cannot interact with other dogs or people is no way to live.

Left: Ivett with Jimmy at first foster; Right Ivett with Jimmy at the vet

Anyone interested in giving this good boy a chance is asked to contact Crossing Guardians as soon as possible at Rescue@CrossingGuardians.org.

Other pertinent information about Jimmy is provided below.

  • Name: Jimmy
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Breed: German shepherd mix
  • Weight: Approx. 45 lbs.
  • Health: Fully vetted. Leg has healed. Tests negative. Fully vaccinated and sterilized
  • Temperament: Awesome, as described above. Video of Jimmy with children and other dogs can be sent upon request.

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