Little girl begs for help before mother drowns family Chihuahua

Tijuana, Mex. – A little girl ran to the home of Maria Miranda Solis – a well-known animal rescuer – with tears streaming down her face, wracked with heartache and despair, and begging Solis to help save the pet she had come to love deeply.

The reason? Her mother didn’t want her anymore and the only way she could rid herself of what had become a burden was to drown the little Chihuahua in a bucket of water.

Solis noticed the little dog’s tail was missing. She asked the girl what happened. The little girl responded that her mom cut it off with a pair of scissors.

It would seem this girl’s mother is devoid of any moral compass and lacks any sort of compassion towards a living being that was once part of the family. Thankfully, these traits were not passed on to her daughter.


Of course, Solis couldn’t say no. She took the little Chi; however, as an animal rescuer in this neck of the woods, Solis has a multitude of dogs she is feeding and caring for. As such, she reached out to social media for help from fellow animal rescue advocates. A local reputable rescue may be able to help. Final word in that regard will come later tonight or tomorrow. An update will be provided.

Please stand by as this story unfolds.

Update here.

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