American bandogge mastiff in dire need of rescue or home

Toro, an American bandogge mastiff, was in bad shape when rescued off the streets of Tijuana, Mex., by Yolanda Escobar about a month ago. (Click here for the original article.)

Toro, when first rescued

Since Toro was rescued, his demeanor has made a complete 180. After being fully vetted, sterilized, and given sustenance and shelter, he loves to be around people, doesn’t mind being touched or handled (even on his hind-end), and enjoys playing with tennis balls. He gets along well with other dogs, too. Yes, he is what one would term a “bully breed;” but, he is not a bully by any means.

Also since being rescued and while getting better, Toro has been spending entire work-weeks in an 8′ x 8′ pen, all by himself. He is left with food and water to last him the week until Escobar and her partner, Scott, can return to take him to the vet and spend the day with him. (Refer to the original article to better understand the situation.)

Although not the best of circumstances, there is no foster – south or north of the border – who can care of him. There was one promising foster, but she stopped returning Escobar’s calls. There was also no acceptable boarding facility. One was being considered, but Toro would be kept in a large traveling crate for hours. That is unacceptable for a dog who is now nearly 100 lbs.

Scott giving Toro a much-needed bath, while Toro holds on to a deflated soccer ball

Toro now recognizes the sound of Escobar’s car. When she and Scott arrive at his temporary shelter on the weekends, he runs and happily greets them by peering over the wall over which he can easily jump, but hasn’t yet happened – to our relief.

Until a forever home or reputable rescue can take him, Toro remains in the 8′ x 8′ pen. He has no human or animal interaction during the week. This is no way for a social, now-healthy American bandogge mastiff to live. Moreover, he is at great risk, as Escobar’s caretakers are scared of him. Their fears are entirely unwarranted – as you can see in the video – but she cannot force them to do what they don’t want to do.

Escobar made this sad commentary after she dropped him off in his temporary shelter – again, very much alone.

We took Toro for one last outing. A stretch of street behind Insurgentes and Goumao that its very deserted and he didn’t want to get out of the car. Like “nope this area is fishy and I won’t put myself in danger”. … Finally we got him out he had a toy in his mouth and he just circled the car so we came back. I think he might have thought that we were going to abandon him like it happened when I found him PTSD.
If you, or anyone or reputable rescue you know, is interested in meeting this special boy, please contact Crossing Guardians at, or Escobar at Transport is available. Time is of the essence.
More details about Toro is on the bottom of the original article.

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