Emma and Timmy need a home or rescue (Video)

Timmy and Emma each has their unique story that left them homeless and living on the streets of Mexicali, Mex. We will never know what their stories are, but we do know this: Both are in need of a forever home and family, or a reputable foster to help them get there.

Timmy was found when he went scurrying under Paloma Foulkes’ car. He was being beaten up by some other big dogs because there was a female in heat. He suffered injuries. Paloma managed to get him out from her her car and to a vet. He fell asleep and started snoring in her car almost immediately. Timmy is now fully vetted, vaccinated and sterilized. He is friendly with people, children and other dogs. Other pertinent information on him are as follows:

(1) Breed – Hound-lab mix with a smidgen of pit

(2) Age – 1

(3) Weight – 48 lbs.

(4) Gender – Male

(5) Vaccines received – Combo, rabies, bordetella

(6) Tests: Negative for everything, including ehrlichia

(7) Temperament: Playful and high-energy. Loves human attention. Gets along with other dogs. Cats, unknown.

Emma was spotted on the streets with a tumor hanging out of the side of her mouth. She was a stray and was hanging around a couple of other labs on the street. She had surgery to have the tumor removed and biopsied. To our relief, lab results indicated the tumor was benign. Emma is fully vetted, vaccinated and sterilized. She is a wonderful, loving girl. Other pertinent information about Emma are as set forth below:

(1) Breed – Pit bull mix

(2) Age – 4 years

(3) Weight – 44 pounds

(4) Gender – Female

(5) Vaccines received – Combo, rabies, Bordetella

(6) Tests done and results of those tests – Everything is negative for diseases and infections; however, blood work indicates her liver is a little swollen. The vet says it’s nothing serious; but keep that in mind. Biopsy of the tumor showed it was benign.

(7) Temperament; Good with people, children and other dogs. Cats, unknown.

Timmy and Emma were not rescued together. They are not a bonded pair. Both are currently in boarding and are in desperate need of a family to call their own. Anyone interested in either one of these precious dogs is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at Rescue@CrossingGuardians.org.

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