Mama and puppies thrown out in the pouring rain in just a cardboard box (Video)

Tijuana, Mex. – Someone dumped a German shepherd and her 6 newborn puppies out in the frigid weather and pouring rain. The owners dumped them with nothing but a cardboard box for shelter. It shouldn’t surprise us. After all, anyone who could intentionally throw away helpless living beings on the dangerous streets of Tijuana wouldn’t care a whit about their well being. Their only concern was to rid themselves of their “burden,” times 7.


Video footage of the heartbreaking scene of a German shepherd mama trying to care for her puppies

Independent animal rescuer, Priscilla Mendoza, documented the pitiful sight using her cell phone and then reached out to social media for immediate assistance. Fellow animal rescue advocates scrambled to help, but Mendoza had to leave. Fortunately for mama and puppies, Mendoza has a compassionate heart and could not leave them there. She put them in the back of her car and prayed for the best. They were soaking wet. Indeed, Mendoza saved their lives.

People who do rescue work often fly by the seat of their pants. Logic and reason take a back seat. They act now, worry later. Although many would say that such a move is unwise, it saves lives.

This evening, the discarded German shepherd mother and the puppies she so lovingly protected are with Mendoza, despite having a house full of her own pets and fosters. They will stay there until tomorrow morning, when she will take them to a paid boarding facility, which is closed at night. This is not the best scenario for newborn puppies, but that’s the only option at this point.

Rescue organizations, too, fly by the seat of their pants. Crossing Guardians is one of them. The organization has agreed to pay for boarding until a foster can offer mom and babies a home environment where they can be monitored even during the evening hours.

They have shelter, but they also need vet care. Crossing Guardians is sponsoring the vet care of many animals at the moment and is simply not in the position to sponsor this family of 7. Any reputable rescue that can take in mama and her babies is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at

Until then, they will need to see a vet in Tijuana. Donations are needed to help with vetting mama and her babies. Donations can be sent by PayPal at, or you can click here to get to the website’s donation page. No amount is too small.

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