Homeless Lab mix sat in front of taco shop for hours now ready for a home

A 10-month-old puppy is now ready for a home. He was first spotted in front of a taco stand, where he sat for hours waiting for a patron to drop a morsel or two on the ground.

Noah sitting in front of a taco stand in Tijuana, Mex.

Independent animal rescuer, Bets Armenta Tinoco, asked for assistance. Once she got it from Crossing Guardians, she returned again, and again, day and night, to the taco stand area to look for him. One day, she went out to the taco shop area with a lure – chicken! It worked.

Now named Noah, he was tested for diseases and infections. All came back negative. He was vaccinated, bathed, and put on Bravecto to fend off any tick-borne diseases and fleas. Nutritious meals and a lot of TLC got him prepared for his upcoming sterilization, which took place on Monday.

(Video of Noah’s story in a nutshell)

It’s a sad statement to say that Noah was an easy case. No diseases to battle, no injuries or broken bones to mend. He was rescued off of the streets of Tijuana before being hit by a car, beaten up, or contracting any of the canine diseases prevalent in this area. He suffered from hunger, the cold of the Winter season and, of course, utter loneliness.

Noah is now in temporary boarding. He is ready for a forever home and a family that will love him. A reputable rescue is desperately needed to help him get there. Tijuana independent rescuers and fosters are filled past capacity. They cannot help other homeless animals if their current, now-healthy fosters are not placed. Please, anyone interested in Noah is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at rescue@CrossingGuardians.org.

Other pertinent information about Noah are as follows:

  • Age: 10 months
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Temperament: Very sweet. He likes people, children and other dogs. Cats, unknown.



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  1. I would love to have this pup, but I’m not rich and can’t afford large rehoming fees. I DO have a large fenced 1/2 acre to run in and my wife spoil our furry children rotten. We are in mourning right now as we had to put our 7 year old lab mix Valentine to sleep last week. House right now is too quiet. We miss her dearly and are ready to bring another lab into our lives.

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