Woman throws cat off high balcony for kicks

Newark, N.J. – A video was posted on Facebook of what appears to be a young woman holding a helpless cat halfway wrapped in some kind of material. The video then show the woman getting into a throwing position – presumably, for more traction – and hurling the cat off a high balcony.

The cat flies through the air and lands on the hard concrete sidewalk. Upon impact, the cat is motionless. At the end of the video, he or she appears to regain consciousness. It is unknown whether the cat survived.

The video can be seen here, but be warned: The content may be upsetting to some.

One of her friends is videotaping the event; and either she, or another friend, can be heard laughing and screaming in sheer delight at the dastardly act. It is unclear how many people were with the cat thrower at the time she committed the act.

The video was shared by Michele Symmons Goldberg on the Barbi Twins‘ facebook page, in which she pleads:

Please help find this girl and have her be held accountable- her name is Tikee Gee and she lives in Newark, New Jersey

The Barbi Twins are staunch animal rights advocates and quickly shared it with the following message:

CALL TO ACTION: Graphic video of a girl throwing a #kitten over high balcony, for fun. The kitten had possible fatal injuries. We need to expose who is responsible & report them to police-#Newark#NJ
Newark, New Jersey Police Department

Via Michele Symmons Goldberg
Please help find this girl and have her be held accountable- her name is (allegedly) Tikee Gee and she lives in #Newark

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the City of Newark Police Division at (973) 733-6000. The Police Division’s address is 480 Clinton Ave., Newark, New Jersey. It’s Facebook page can be found here.

Animal rights and welfare advocates are also asking that you politely urge the City of Newark Police Division to investigate this matter immediately. The PD’s contact information is provided above. Anyone with the PD’s email address is asked to provide it in the comment below.

8 Comments on "Woman throws cat off high balcony for kicks"

  1. I can’t watch that video, it’s so disgusting. On Instagram it was posted that this POS has been arrested.

  2. Actual Lassiter Video http://thearra.com/2016/12/04/update-on-woman-who-threw-cat-off-3rd-floor-balcony/
    If this horrific video doesn’t prompt you to sign the petition I don’t know what would?
    (there’s more animal petitions to sign -just a click away)
    Dept. Public Safety ‏@NewarkNJPolice Dec 3 2016
    NPD arrested Tikeemah Lassiter of Clinton charging her for animal cruelty incident on 12-1-16. Suspect presumed innocent til proven guilty. https://twitter.com/NewarkNJPolice

    Social Media Moves Fast – The World is Watching:

    Is this the same Tikeemah J Lassiter https://picsart.com/tikeemah
    #TikeemahLassiter #animalcruelty #animalpetitions #catabuser


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