Labrador kicked out of home because untreated facial lump became smelly (GRAPHIC)

Tijuana, Mex. – An only 1-year-old Labrador, named Diego, was summarily thrown out of the house because his owners were “disgusted” by the horrible smell reeking from an untreated growth on his face. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

It all began when Pili Canine saw him as she passed the owner’s house where he formerly resided. She noticed he was having respiratory problems. She spoke with his owners about getting him vet care – to which they responded they did. Not surprisingly, he did not improve. Whether they actually took Diego to the vet is not known for certain; but in all probability, they did not.

Although not her dog, Pili took it upon herself to take him to the vet. He was given antibiotics and vitamins. Thereafter, she would see Diego walking the streets near his owner’s home, or sleeping on the ground at their front door. Suddenly, she didn’t see him anymore. He was gone. Worried, Pili went to his owner’s house to investigate. To her horror, she saw Diego was in very bad shape. Not only was his breathing labored, but now he had a huge oozing growth between his eyes.

Pili asked the neighbor about Diego’s condition and inquired why he was being left out in the cold. They had no qualms telling her that they threw him out because of the foul smell emitting from the open wound on his face.

With an upper respiratory issue and a painful growth on his face, Pili was very distressed knowing that Diego was kicked out of his home and forced to suffer 24/7 in the frigid cold that hit southern California. Notably and not surprisingly, Diego continued to sleep in front of the door of the home of the family that kicked him out; the family that never provided him with vet care; the family to whom this innocent young lab had suddenly become a nuisance; the “nuisance” the family likely played a huge role in creating.

Pili teamed up with Sandy Jimenez and they both worked on getting Diego treated by a vet. They took a taxi that accepted animals (for a premium) and off they went with Diego in tow.

The vet said the bump looked like an abscess and that he would need to be anesthetized so he could remove it. Before the surgery, Diego ate well and was very playful. Good sign.

Diego’s surgery was performed yesterday afternoon. All involved in his rescue were positive he would be fixed up like new and ready for adoption. Unfortunately, the growth turned out to be cancer. The vet removed the cancerous tumor and immediately started him on his first round of chemotherapy treatments, which will continue once a week for the next few weeks.

Everyone involved in Diego’s rescue believe this is just a bump in the road. They are optimistic he will soon be healthy and ready for adoption very soon. It bodes well that he has youth on his side. At just a year old, he is just coming out of puppyhood.

While Diego is recovering, a reputable foster in Tijuana is caring for him. Once he is well, he will need a U.S. rescue, foster or forever home. If interested, please contact either Sandra Jimenez by sending her a personal message (PM) on Facebook, or Crossing Guardians at Diego gets along well with people and other animals.

Additionally, Diego’s surgery and subsequent treatments have been, and will be, extensive. Donations are needed for the surgery, chemotherapy treatments, further testings, vaccinations and sterilization. Anyone who can donate towards Diego’s vet care is asked to donate to Sandy Jimenez by PayPal at Jimenez is the wonderful rescuer who is overseeing Diego’s care.

For those who want the tax deduction, you can donate to Crossing Guardians in one of three ways: By clicking here; by PayPal (; or by snail mail, addressed to Crossing Guardians, P.O. Box 210505, Chula Vista, CA 91921. Notate on the donation that it is for Diego.

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