Scared, protective new mama and puppies need a rescue from kill-shelter

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Carson, Calif. – A Chihuahua-Pekingese mix with the cutest underbite became a mama in the shelter. The compassionate ladies who run the facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, walked the aisles and halls of Carson shelter on Nov. 23 and spotted the mama and her newborns and put out an alert on Nov. 23.

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Named Miko, she was surrendered to the shelter by her family of 5 years. The reason? They were moving.

Now, her fate, and the fate of her newborn babies, are entirely dependent on a rescue that can take them. Miko appears to be completely bewildered and terrified at her sudden change in circumstances. Worse, now she has the added task of trying desperately to protect her babies. That’s not a position any new mama – whatever the species – wants to be in.

                                                                               From the facebook page, Saving Carson Dogs


A reputable rescue is needed to save the entire family unit. That means mama Miko, too.

Other pertinent information about Miko are, as follows:

  • ID#: #A5014265
  • Age: Approx. 5 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Surrender date: Nov. 23
  • Availability date: Nov. 23
  • No. of puppies: Appears to be five (call to confirm)
  • House trained: Yes
  • Spends most of her time in indoors
  • Seems to get along with small children
  • Good on a leash
  • Gets along well with dogs and cats
  • Very good, attentive and protective mama
  • Pet Harbor link: Here
  • Facebook post: Here
  • Video link: Here


Shelter information:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California

Hours: M-Th, 12pm – 7pm, F-Su, 10am – 5pm

Feature photo: From video posted by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

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