Every day, stray dog traded a large stone for scraps of food

Rosarito, Mex. – A homeless, weary and hungry pit bull made a daily delivery of a large stone to a young lady at a shop in exchange for scraps of food and water. This, he did every single day, without fail.


screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-11-46-05-pmFrom Facebook, posted by the woman who asked for help



Day after day, the homeless pittie lugged a different large stone to the same location seeking out the lady, whereupon he would trade it for some food and water. After he received his sustenance for the day, he would hang around and gaze at her before leaving.

Although the young lady never took him to a safe place, she reached out through social media for assistance.

After seeing the post, animal rescuers were very concerned and asked the lady for his whereabouts.


The trade-off  (Facebook post)


A map was posted in response to the queries. The lady responded that she found someone to take him. To the relief of the rescue community who work on the strays south of the U.S.-Mexico border, he is safe with Alfa Mireles, who happens to have an animal shelter, called, Alpha.

Trueke – as he is now named – is currently being treated for serious gum infections and abscesses. It is unclear, but either Miredes is a vet, or she took him to the vet. Meanings are often lost in translation, despite the likes of Google translate. Whatever the case, he is being treated. It is unknown at this time whether he has other maladies.





Trueke, the homeless pit bull

For scraps of food and water, this old fella’ paid in large stones – which pretty much has no monetary value to anyone. In doing so, however, he bartered his way into everyone’s hearts.

Miredes rescues many animals in her neck of the woods. If you can donate food, supplies, towels and blankets, please contact Crossing Guardians. Arrangements will be made to get them all in one place and have them delivered to Miredes’ shelter. (Only local donations, please. No long-distance pick-ups can be made.)

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