Wonderful foster places former ‘Border Stray’ with a great family

The Jackson Family welcomed Stewie into their hearts and their home.

Stuart – renamed Stewie by his foster mom, Linda Newman – was officially adopted by a beautiful family of four. Stewie was rescued by independent animal rescuer, Adriana Padilla, after she witnessed the starving boy being beaten by venders in Tijuana. Original article here.

Both Padilla and Newman are two of Crossing Guardians‘ best fosters – Padilla, south of the border; Newman, north of the border. As any rescue organization will agree, the often onerous tasks of rescue organizations are made so much easier with reliable fosters who treat each foster furkid as if they were their own. So it was with Newman. Once Stewie was under her care, he was immediately made part of her family unit.

After giving Stewie months of TLC and countless hours of training and socializing, Newman placed him with the Jackson family. Extra cautious, her style of placing fosters is gradual. She became adept at reading Stewie’s body language and paid special attention to them during the “test runs” (if you will). She even had “test stay-overs” until she felt comfortable the fit was right.

As it turns out, Stewie quickly became firmly entrenched into the Jackson family, especially with the young children, with whom he loves to play, play, play. The family has a huge yard where they have plenty of room to run and play. Newman speculates that Stewie might be part Whippet because when he gets to running with those long legs, he looks like a gazelle.

The Jackson Family welcomed Stewie into their hearts and their home.

Jackson family with Stewie buried in the middle.

The Jackson Family welcomed Stewie into their hearts and into their home. The kids love him and he gets along well with their other dog. The fit really was a good one. Additionally, Newman works with the matriarch of the Jackson family.

As a Crossing Guardians‘ foster, Newman had them complete the application. If – God forbid – something should happen and they can no longer care for Stewie, Linda will welcome him back into her home as her foster. It’s even stipulated in the adoption agreement.

Newman went through all of the details with the family, even warning them that Stewie is inherently skittish, despite her hours of socialization efforts. As such, she made sure he would be secure – even when it seems he might be comfortable – as well as when there are fireworks, such as on New Years Eve or the Fourth of July. To say Newman is over-protective with respect to her fosters would be an understatement. That’s okay because Crossing Guardians shares those same standards.

Like most fosters, Newman misses Stewie very much. Letting go was difficult, and is actually the most difficult part of a foster’s job. However, Newman is fully cognizant that fostering saves lives. That’s a fact. Crossing Guardians is very thankful to have reliable, diligent and loving fosters, such as Newman and Padilla.

20161014_173923Jackson Family (minus one) out in their spacious backyard with their new adoptee, Stewie.

Newman was hoping to have one last day with Stewie as he embarked on his new life, but since the family established a routine with him, they preferred that there be no disruption in that routine. She respected their decision, but was able to visit with him. (See photos below)

20161014_173401 20161014_173442 20161014_173534

Stewie and his new sibling, and Linda with Stewie on the day he joined the Jackson family for good

There are a lot of Border Strays who have been saved and now need a rescue to get them placed, or for a forever home, such as Matthew and Lakisha. Fosters in Tijuana are filled past capacity. Any interested rescue or family is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at rescue@CrossingGuardians.org.

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