Owner dumps her dog at shelter; prefers hardwood floors

Handsome Gunner

Gunner – as he became known – is a 35-lb., 2.5 to 3 year old lab mix (possibly Shar Pei or Doberman) – who was sitting in a Los Angeles shelter some months ago.

A young woman subsequently adopted him a mere 4 months ago. She wanted a companion. For Gunner, she would become his whole world. In his mind, spirit and heart, all of him belonged to her. Such is the nature of dogs.

Thereafter, Gunner’s new person started looking for a new place to live. She found a lovely place with hardwood floors that adorned the rooms and all the amenities one would want in a home. There was a problem, however. She could not take Gunner with her, or he didn’t fit into her new lifestyle. Whatever the case, Gunner’s new adoptive mom was faced with a choice: She could move into the home without Gunner, or she could find another dog-friendly home and keep Gunner. She chose the former. Gunner was out.

Animal rescue advocates have heard this same scenario play out over and over and over. It has almost become cliché. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it less disturbing when we learn about someone who chooses “things” over a furry family member who has come to depend on his person. This was not a situation in which the woman had no other options – such as, abrupt homelessness, or having to move into an affordable apartment complex that doesn’t allow animals after a divorce.

Whose values are misplaced here? Depending on who you ask, the answers will vary. Insofar as animal-lovers go, there is no conundrum. No pets allowed? No, thank you!

Having already made her decision, she did what many others before her have done. She dumped Gunner at a Los Angeles shelter, and she kept her selfish deed a secret; never notifying Ingrid with Pacific Coast Dog Rescue – who tried to help the young lady – that she dumped him back into the shelter system. It was only after Ingrid’s persistent questioning that the woman revealed what she had done. Abandoned again, Ingrid sent out a plea for a rescue to take Gunner into its care.


Photos authorized by owner to be used by Ingrid. Photos posted here with Ingrid’s permission.

Gunner passed his behavioral test at the shelter, which is why he was allowed to be adopted by a private party. However, he picked up a few issues since that time. He has become leash aggressive. In addition, he has shown some aggression towards other dogs, even though he was perfectly fine with other dogs at the time he was adopted.

Other pertinent information about Gunner is that he prefers women over men. He is house-trained, great with women, wonderful and well-behaved in the car, and loves hikes, camping, beach trips and playing ball.

Any reputable rescue interested in taking this handsome boy into its care is asked to contact Ingrid by email at pajade@yahoo.de. Pledges are being made to save this boy – all of which will go to the rescue that takes him.

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