The dog nobody wanted gets a new ‘leash’ on life

After years of being homeless on the streets in Tijuana, Mex., followed by months of veterinary treatment after being rescued, Frankie was ready to be placed with a rescue or forever home. Unfortunately, nobody wanted him.

A plea for a rescue or adopter went out by mass email in July. A video was even included. It was met with silence. (Click here for the original article)

Crossing Guardians had one promising lead with a rescue. Email communications ensued between Crossing Guardians and the rescue over a two- to three-week period. It ended when the rescue informed Crossing Guardians that it had no room for him – although the rescue subsequently took in a puppy, who was adopted at one of its adoption events soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, Frankie was languishing in a boarding facility waiting for a forever home; or, at the very least, a rescue that could take him to one of their events. Although Frankie was being fed and no longer exposed to the dangers of being on the streets, it was no place for a senior who had overcome so many health issues.

It’s a shame Frankie could not partake in adoption events of this rescue – or any rescue, for that matter. Was he not young enough? Was he not cute enough? Was he considered “defective” after having lost his left eye? Was he too “ugly”? Given the overabundance of homeless animals, was there simply no room for him at any rescue? For the sake of hope in the crazy world of animal rescue, it is best to believe the last assumption was the reality.

After his lengthy struggle to survive all alone on the streets, Frankie deserved to live out his twilight years with a family in the comfort of a warm home. Lolita Babaran, one of Crossing Guardians‘ board members, agreed to foster him until he could be placed. During his stay with Babaran, Frankie proved himself to be the perfect dog. He loves people, children and other animals. He is arthritic, a bit incontinent, and his teeth ground down to the gums from having to eat rocks as a stray, but he is a good boy.

Finally, a special needs/senior sanctuary in Colorado, Hank’s Hostel Fur Hounds (AKA “Rita’s Rescue”), agreed to take Frankie. After a due diligence check was performed, all was in order for Frankie to make his final destination to Hank’s Hostel.

It was not to be. The temporary foster became a “foster failure.” Her exact words were, “After I saw how nervous he was at the vet, I don’t want him to feel scared anymore. He has become my shadow and depends on me.”

Frankie is safe. Frankie is loved. Frankie is wanted. Frankie is where he is suppose to be.

img_2681Frankie (right), with Christopher sprawled on the pillows in the back, Chester between Frankie and Phyllis (left), also missing an eye.

But, what about the other “Frankies” who need a home? It is with hope that rescues will be more open to taking in Border Strays – most of whom are hard cases. What they might lack in “cuteness factor,” that “deficit” (if you want to call it that) is far outweighed by the love, devotion and gratefulness they bestow upon their humans once they are adopted.

If you are interested in adopting a Border Stray, visit Crossing


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