Two very sick border strays recovering; will need a home

Two homeless dogs were rescued off the streets in Tijuana, Mex., on two different days in August and at two different locations. Both were in horrible condition.

13882552_1103256186435832_5126208867005412871_nWilly was found earlier in August. The weak, hairless dog with crusted-over skin was spotted sleeping on a thrown-out mattress. His condition was critical. He was diagnosed with ehrlichia, anaplasma, severe anemia and dehydration, demodectic mange and an eye ulcer, Willy was hospitalized and put on IV fluids for two days.

His wonderful foster mom, Yanira Alonso, checked him out of the hospital and is nursing him back to health. As she saw Willy’s health improving, she sent Crossing Guardians a video with a voice message reporting that Willy was doing much better. His appetite returned and he was eating on his own. Yes. That was a happy day for all of us. The 2-year-old boy is now 40 lbs. (See bottom photo)

Some of Willy’s teeth are worn down to the gums – which is not uncommon for Border Strays. These homeless street dogs are so hungry, so starved, that they resort to eating rocks and dirt.



Amy’s story is equally pitiful. She was spotted by an independent animal rescuer scurrying as fast as her short legs could carry her to the other side of the street so she could hide underneath some stairs. She was alone. She was terrified. She was sick.

The rescuer ran over to evaluate the situation. She could see a small dog – again, hairless with crusted-over skin – trying to protect herself from harm underneath the stair-like structure. The rescuer was able to pull the small dog out from under the stairs by grabbing a hold of a rope that was tied around her neck.

Another reputable foster mom, Eiring Baltazar Rosales, happily agreed to nurse the small dog, now named Amy, back to health. Amy was diagnosed with ehrlichia and severe pyoderma/dermatitis. Like Willy, she is on a number of medications and must be given weekly doses of Ivermectin. Initially thought to be a Chihuahua, it turns out that Amy is 100 percent Dachshund – hence, the stubby legs. The only 3-year-old girl is still weak, but recovering.

14081396_1278160615549821_25820805_nAmy at Dr. Juan’s vet clinic

Both Willy and Amy continue to improve and receive treatment. They will both be sterilized once healthy enough to undergo the procedure. After they recover and are healthy, they will need a reputable rescue that can place them with a good family, or a forever home. If the latter, the home must be in an area of California where a home check can be done. An adoption application must also be completed and sent to You can access the PDF application form here. If a rescue is interested in either of these dogs, please send an email to

Donations are also always welcome – and needed. There are other needy Border Strays Crossing Guardians is sponsoring. Anyone who can make a tax deductible contribution to help Crossing Guardian sponsor and place more Border Strays is asked to send it by PayPal, by clicking here to get to the website, or by snail mail at Crossing Guardians, P.O. Box 210505, Chula Vista, CA 91921.


This is Willy today (right). His fur is starting to grow and looks to be a pit bull mix. His has a great temperament. He gets along well with other dogs, people and children. If the ulcer in his eye doesn’t improve, he will need an eye amputation – which, oddly enough, is also not uncommon.

14193804_1288674194498463_349855075_n copy

Amy (above) is already looking much better. She was rescued towards the end of August, so has not recovered to the same extent as Willy. She is very sweet, but still quiet. Her personality will surely blossom once she is healthy.

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