The happy face of a now-senior rescue dog (video)

At 12, former homeless dog, Christopher, was a product of backyard breeders. He was one who couldn’t be sold and subsequently dumped. Thankfully, he ended up with a rescue organization.

Having adopted animals from the shelter all of her life, Lolita Babaran told her sisters she was ready to add another homeless furry critter to her family. While at PetSmart, her sister, Stella Estrada, noticed a rescue was having an adoption event. Estrada saw the puppy the rescue pulled from the shelter. This puppy was Christopher.

However, there was also a little girl around 4 or 5 years old who was having a fit because she just had to have the “white fluffy puppy.” Her parents were not there to adopt a pet. As far as Estrada could see, they were there to purchase other items. The girl continued to whine and cry until her father finally relented. He and the little girl walked over to the adoption table so he could give his daughter the white fluffy puppy.

One obstacle: Estrada was there first. The lady at the rescue table looked at Estrada and said, “The little girl wants him.” Estrada felt – no, knew – this was an impulse-buy. Once the little girl grew tired of the white fluffy puppy that would soon be an adult dog, then what? Estrada quickly said, “I don’t care. I’m here to adopt this dog for my sister.” That was 12 years ago.

0212072213Christopher, 5 years old (left), with Tyler, holding Chloe, another adoptee

In his twilight years now, Christopher is a devoted and happy boy. Spoiled? Absolutely.

A groomed Christopher at 12.5 years old, kicking back with his human

The rescue organization didn’t much care about what kind of family Christopher was going to be placed with. This is fact. Not once did the rescue organization ever do a background or follow-up check on how Christopher was doing with his new-found family. They took the $300 fee paid for the unaltered puppy who was not microchipped, and that was that. End of story, insofar as that rescue organization was concerned. But, the story doesn’t end for Christopher. He has a family for life. His twilight years will be filled with love and affection.

Babaran allowed the story of Christopher to be told and the video posted on the condition that the following points be made:

  • Spay and neuter your pets. Prevention is better than destruction.
  • Adopt a homeless pet. You’ll save two lives. The one you adopt and another who takes his or her place.
  • Adopt from a reputable rescue.
  • Having a pet is a lifetime commitment.


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