Now healthy, former homeless ailing mama ready for rescue or forever home

A young, homeless and frail female dog made a home for herself and her puppies underneath some brushes to protect them from the elements and the dangers of the streets of Tijuana, Mex. A very good mama, she continued to diligently looked after her puppies, even though they were all dead. The chances of newborn puppies surviving being born by a homeless and very sick dog are practically nil.

Adriana Padilla, one of Crossing Guardians‘ Tijuana independent rescue partners, picked her up off the streets the day after she spotted her and took her to the vet. Now named Lakisha, she was emaciated, injured, tick-and flea-infested, and diagnosed with ehrlichia and having had distemper sometime in her past.

She was treated with medication for 40 days, given Bravecto, fed nutritious meals, and given regular medicated baths. Except for a few remaining bald patches, Lakisha’s health improved significantly under Padilla’s watchful care and that of a foster who wishes to remain anonymous.

No longer having to struggle to survive on the streets and finally feeling safe and a sense of belonging, Lakisha’s personality has blossomed into a sweet, loving and well-mannered girl. She loves the attention she gets from her temporary fosters and her new-found furry friends. What she needs now is a rescue that can place her into a loving home, or a forever home. After her long struggles and heartbreak of her past life, she deserves a good life.

Watch this video of Lakisha’s remarkable transformation. Those receiving this article by email must click on the link to the article in order to watch it.

Other pertinent information about Lakisha are:

  • Age: Approximately 1 to 2 years old
  • Breed: Unknown
  • Fully vaccinated: Yes. (Combination, Bordetella and rabies)
  • Sterilized: Yes
  • Personality: She is very sweet and well-mannered. Although timid, she gets along well with people and children. She also gets along with other animals and is very playful with them.
  • As a distemper survivor, she has a very slight jaw/head tic; but, that characteristic has become part of what makes this sweet girl unique.



Anyone or any rescue interested in taking this very sweet girl is asked to contact Crossing Guardians at Private parties must first complete and submit the PDF application, which can be accessed by clicking here. A home check is required for private parties.

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