The world mourns passing of puppy-victim of torture; reward offered

Atlanta, Ga. – On Aug. 10, a witness in Atlanta, Ga., saw a puppy being unceremoniously hurled over a high fence, making a rough landing on the concrete on the other side.

It was easily discernible that this only 3- to 4-month-old puppy, later named Caleb, was in very, very bad shape. Caleb’s rescuers contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asking in desperation for their assistance in saving him. The rescue did not hesitate to agree to fully sponsor his vet care, as well as start a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The rescue issued an immediate release that went viral.

Caleb at the hospital (Stacey Silverstein)

13879462_836673146473718_4500320170933941532_nCaleb, indeed, was in bad shape, but no one was prepared for the extent of his injuries, and to learn about the torture he endured during his very short life on this planet.

Caleb was emaciated, had cigarettes burns all over his body, suffered from a fractured scull, a broken jaw and he was septic. It gets worse. Signs indicate he was sexually assaulted through his anus. The vets said the chances of his surviving these horrific injuries was about 30 percent.


Caleb at the hospital (Stacey Silverstein)

Video of him with his face in the corner and screaming in pain and fear pierced our souls, making us wish we could jump through our computer screen, hold him close to our hearts and make it all better. Ah, but, no. Technology – although great – does not provide that capability.

Posted on facebook by Stacey Silverstein

Caleb’s progress at the vet was shared by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on their facebook page. The animal-loving community around the globe prayed he would pull through. We all looked forward to seeing the sweet little boy eat a good meal, romp and play, and feel the love, affection and belonging of a loving family. We were looking forward to a “happily every after.”

From Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page

That day would never come. That same community that looked forward to all of that received the devastating news from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC that he died. Despite round-the-clock veterinary care and the wonderful folks who worked diligently to make Caleb whole again, the injuries that wracked his frail, little body from someone with a sick, twisted, demented, sadistic mind, took his young life.

Once again, the world mourns. Just like the helpless animals who had gone before him – Puppy Doe, Herbie, Dutch, Mary, Pinky – to name a few, Caleb’s essence remains. His death will not be in vain. It will be a catalyst for change in the form of stricter laws and enforcement of those laws.

Laws express public morality. They reflect society’s norms and values. Whereas animals were treated as mere “property” in the past to do with as we please, our perspective has changed – which is reflected in our laws. Harming humans for no good reason has been illegal for centuries; but this prohibition now extends to animals in all 50 states. Attacking and torturing the vulnerable – those unable to fight back – will not be tolerated in a civilized society.

But the laws are just words on paper if they’re not enforced. For that reason, the reward for the arrest and conviction of party responsible for Caleb’s death still stands. The responsible party must be held accountable for his or her actions.

More seriously is that there is a deranged monster disguised as a human being who walks amongst us. Like the killer of Puppy Doe, he or she looks “normal,” but is far from it. Any person who can torture an animal, and who likely gets giddy with the pleasure of hearing every single painful scream, is deeply disturbed. He or she won’t stop. His or her next target may be someone’s child – another helpless victim.

Nelson Ferry with the Bureau’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), said that “cruelty to animals is a precursor to larger crime.” Similarly the National Sheriffs’ Association has cited for years

studies linking animal abuse and other types of crimes—most famously, murders committed by serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz. The organization also points out the overlap animal abuse has with domestic violence and child abuse.

Anyone with information regarding the torture of Caleb is asked to contact the local law enforcement agency.

Currently, the reward amount is $5,000. Anyone who would like to add to that amount can do so via this flier, by donating directly to Rescue Dog Rock NYC, or by snail mail to: RDRNYC, P.O. Box 101, New York, NY 10028. You should notate your donation is for “Caleb’s Reward Fund.”


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  1. I hope they get the bastsrds for this ..i saw a video a few days ago bout group of men who lifted a little dog an threw it over a wall but sumone says this was in a shelter they all sat bout laughing it cudve been little caleb an the person saw it from the other side .but it cudve been any country .i.ll hav a look an get bk to uz

  2. Courtney Keyes | August 14, 2016 at 6:17 pm | Reply

    This is just heartbreaking and unbelievable that this type of abuse continues to occur! I have seen his little video and just broke down crying! The only good thing is that HE is no longer crying!! What he leaves behind is us crying and trying to figure out how to make things like this STOP! 🙁 You are loved & missed and will be always in my thoughts little Caleb! xoxo ❤️

    • I don’t know how you could have watched the video. It took all I could do to read what the medical examiner had found after his 1st full day. Every time I saw a posting r/t Caleb I ‘hit’ ANGRY and every time I see his face I cry. I am thoroughly disgusted by the actions one or more human being and what this little sweet bug – a – boo endured. May he rest in peace knowing that he had so many people that loved him. I look at our new puppy and I will not let her out of my sight. She goes even on the smallest trips now and is not even allowed in the front yard. We may live in the country, but one never knows who drives by your house. Thank you for your courage in watching the video, and for reading my long reply

  3. Knowing full well that these animal abuse cases can and do lead to more serious crimes….wait! Did I say more serious?? What can be more serious than the murder of a perfectly innocent animal?? WTH?? Do something! The law must protect all beings!!!!!

  4. As I read this my eyes get full of tears and my heart is completely broken feeling powerless. Today I will hold my sweet little babies a little harder and hope that our fight against animal
    Cruelty wins

  5. Nancy MacLachlan | August 14, 2016 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    The people who do these sorts of things may not think about the animal at all, but they sure think a lot of their genitals. Therefore, make the punishment fit the crime: partial castration for each offence. It’s quick, inexpensive, long-lasting, and the miscreant will be reminded of his transgression each time he takes a leak. He won’t be in a hurry to re-offend, for I doubt he’ll consider losing a testicle a fair trade for abusing a dog.

  6. OMG……….my heart is also completely broken….Whoever did this to this sweet dear innocent puppy should be tortured………………this must be laws to STOP this abuse…I am sickened …

  7. That damn witness in Atlanta, Georgia NEEDS to be made to testify or put in jail for obstruction of justice!! It’s a damn shame someone witnessed what happened and the evil perpetrator is STILL free??? WTH???

    • Exactly right!!!

      • Sexual predators live in our neighborhoods, yet we are “shocked” when a child is harmed! These sick criminals must be locked away from society…period! Throw away the kry! Children pets parks schools playgrounds…need to be safe…NOW!

  8. #justiceforcaleb

  9. Poor Puppy R.I.P, i hope they fibd the perpetrators if this heinous crime.

  10. Have they reached out NIBRS to report this crime to them as well?? They should be helping or at least in the know to record information

  11. This is so upsetting!!!! I hope they fucking burn in hell who ever did this & how I would love to torture you mother fuckin ass!!!!

  12. Melinda Guenther | August 15, 2016 at 12:01 am | Reply

    Please God, bring whoever did this to justice!!! RIP poor Caleb!

  13. I hope that every shelter has access to a database that lists theses sub humans . When they get caught . And the crime should fit the punishment. Just saying 😡 I have so much displaced anger right now that I am trying to keep it together . But seriously want to be the hunter to hunt this Human down and there would be no mercy shown and it would be slow again seriously just saying that’s how displaced anger feels

  14. Unbelievable that there is a so called human being that raped and tortured this pathetic little guy. Let the punish fit the crime when this fool is caught.

  15. I hope the next idiot who rapes any animal or child has his pen!s rots off painfully and slowly.

  16. What a heartbreaking story 😢 I saw the video and broke down crying, hearing that poor puppy’s anguished and fearful cries! I hope whoever did this is caught and pays dearly for such a disgusting crime, both in his lifetime and in the afterlife! Anybody as cruel and cold blooded as this deserves to rot in jail and burn in hell! I am so so angry and also so very sad right now! I am thankful however that at least his last hours were spent being loved and cared for so that he at least knew love once in his short life .. R.I.P. little Caleb, may you dance with the angels!

  17. Ask the area business’s if they will allow you to view their cameras. And post the pics of the scumbags that the witness seen throw this baby over the fence on facebook and offer a reward…. Someone will leaf you to the piece of s@$@….


  18. I have already commented on this poor animals death. We need to FIND WHO DID THIS!!! Joe Public needs to wake up and Help in finding out who is responsible!! Do not think that this is an “ANIMAL” issue!! This is a sick person and if he or they could do this to an innocent puppy what makes you think they can’t do it to a HUMAN??? Instead of an ANIMAL maybe it will be your DAUGHTER, SISTER, MOTHER or someone’s WIFE!!!! Do not sit there thinking this doesn’t matter to us.. The PUBLIC!!! It is only an ANIMAL… Well you know what? A sick individual a HUMAN did this!!! Wake up HUMANS before we cry for one of our own!!!!

  19. What kind of a sick demented freak could hurt an innocent sweet loving baby?this person needs to be caught and taken out of society so they can’t hurt any others! Stop the abuse!!!!!!

  20. I can’t stop crying. I look at his little body and how they sexually assaulted that poor baby and my heart breaks over and over. Why would somebody do this to a little baby why God

  21. I believe they should be punished the same way they hurt this dog I can’t stop crying my heart is aching for this poor baby and the fact that they sexually assaulted a puppy how sick you no-good bastard may God grant the same thing to fall upon you that you did to that dog you no-good piece of garbage

  22. Anyone who prays keep praying that this man gets caught or woman or both keep praying keep praying keep praying he will get caught if we pray and pray that he gets what’s coming to him for what he did to that poor baby

  23. Couldn’t watch the video. There are monsters disguised as humans walking among us.

  24. OMG…I knew better than to play that video but I did it anyway….I think my very soul has been torn to pieces with every cry that baby made. I think there should be a special place in hell for the kind of evil beings that find pleasure or entertainment in torturing and abusing animals and children. They are PREDATORS who will do it over and over because it satisfies some sick drive they have created within themselves. Someone KNOWS who did this. I hope they will turn in the low life scum sucking monster masquerading as a regular guy, that RAPED & MURDERED this poor baby. I hope that his crime is so well publicized that people are embarrassed to be seen with him. I hope he gets a prison sentence where everyone KNOWS what he did. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he ended up like Dahmer….

    • Exactly Beverly, I was thinking if there was a way that they could just be killed. But now I’m thinking a month or two of constant beating and being raped in jail, might just kill them…and everybody turns their heads and ignores the cries for help.
      And then please have it announced to the public and celebrated.

  25. Poor little baby. GOD bless you.
    And i wish this animal abuser, to the bloody hell.

  26. Devastated, The fact that he suffered and suffered and cried with pain… makes my heart ache,, my soul is crushed… :'( how could anyone do such a thing to a little innocent being… I feel so bad for him… he didnt even get a chance at a good life….. poor poor little fella… and how many other pups has this monster tortured? and how many more will he if he doesnt get caught. someone saw a puppy being thrown over he fence.. someone saw something that could help identify this creep… why didn’t they do a rape kit on caleb to get some dna? this sick demented moron has to be caught guaranteed this is not the first time he has done this.. the creep probably lives very close by….. that is what I believe… he wouldn’t drive miles away to do that… too much of a slob to do that… RIP baby Caleb I will always think of you.. YOUR life mattered <3

  27. Men having sex with puppies and dogs is the most perverted disgusting inhuman savage barbaric act of henious human behavior that I could ever in my life even believe can be happening yes I am sick of it Iwish the worst vigilante group would find his ass and remove his penis.. And somebody had to know this was going on and that person should be punished with them this is ridiculous it’s too much anymore constant this heinous horrible
    If they can do this to a dog and a puppy they can do it to a child understand when people are in this savage that person has to be thrown away into a mental institution

  28. I’m so disturbed and upset by this horrendous treatment of one of God’s creatures. I couldn’t sleep last night and it has troubled me throughout the day… just tragic.. heartless… thoughtless.. sadistic. I know Caleb is in a better place..but the circumstances that put him there chill me. Lord I pray your justice falls on the shoulders of the Caleb’s murderer in your time.

  29. So sorry, Caleb. If we would have known, we would have been there sooner. God Bless the person who reported finding him, at least he passed away knowing Love. Did he at least get a decent buriel?

  30. Anyone that could do this to a helpless and defenseless animal does not deserve to be alive and breathing air on this planet. Although there is no punishment that would be enough for this crime, the brutal suffering experienced by this puppy must not go unpunished.

    • Honestly, these ‘things’ when caught, should just be killed already. Why waste resources, effort, time and tax dollars. You do this, you die. I hate people.

  31. This is to much to rape a animal you have to be sick l been saying 20 year prison term will put a stop to any animal killing are torture of any animal wake-up government are president does nothing but sit behind a desk not caring show him this .

  32. I see graphic photos of the worst torture and abuse from all over the world. The horrendous, in fact there are no words to describe the Asian dog and cat meat trade. Animals still alive as they are boiled or skewered over flames. And then I read this. Another heartless act in the great ole USA. I truly believe there are more good people than cruel. Unfortunately the good people just don’t seem to have compassion enough either to try to even stop this with a post or email. Too busy in social suburbia they hide because they don’t want to deal with this. Hard to read and look at right? Well think how these animals felt? If you cannot be a voice, then didn’t Martin Luther King say that is the day your life begins to end. Stop Cruelty and torture by stopping complacency.

  33. The congress and senate that write the bill to outlaw these horrible incidences, and punishes those that do this… Is acting progressive. You are wanted!

  34. Sandy castello | August 16, 2016 at 3:56 am | Reply

    This is HORRIBLE this person that did this is the work of the devil, please find who ever did this and make sure he goes to jail and never comes out to see the sun, they will do to him what they did to this poor innocent baby, PLEASE ANYONE WITH INFORMATION REGARDING THIS VICIOUS ATTACK PLEASE COME FOWARD, AND SAY SOMETHING, THERE MUST BE SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT KNOWS WHICH CREEP DID THIS. AND FOR THE CREEP WHO DID THIS, GOD WILL GET YOU, YOU WILL SUFFER IN CRUCIAL PAIN WHEN GOD SENDS YOU TO HELL.👹👹

  35. WTF!!! What we nemesis harsher punishment for people who does shit like this….. My heart is BROKEN and my mind is F*CKED UP about this… SO SO SO SAD!!!!

  36. JODY LYNN GLOVER | August 16, 2016 at 4:13 am | Reply

    I truly hope they find the gutless piece or pieces of shit that did this…I wish I didn’t watch the video, I haven’t been able to stop hearing those cries. It makes me sick to my stomach to know people like that walk amongst us, into rescues and shelters looking for there next victim. Please PLEASE someone had to have seen who did this…do the right thing. R.I.P Caleb😇😇😢😢😢

  37. Don’t know what to say to this just that I hope the vile person that did this is found and tortured the way this poor defenceless puppy was can’t understand why someone would want to do this to a sweet innocent creature very destured VILE person scary really to think people like this is living among us

  38. The laws need to be changeed to arrest and convict these monsters who do this. Not let them get away with a fine or a slap on the wrist if that. Unfortunately our justice system does not see this as cruelty and because of this they will not be prosecuted, which is a totally unacceptable (this is from looking a past cases of abuse). I am totally heart broken by this fact, every time I see a case like this a part of me dies inside and wish this counrty had a eye for a eye mentality. That being said I pray they do find this subhuman and he will see justice.

  39. This made me cry. Unbelievable 😡 I couldn’t watch the video. I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and then couldn’t stand seeing animals die. I do however feel that anyone that abuses or harms a child should be put to death as well as anyone who would do this to animals. They are all the same to me, any human that would harm a child or animal with such innocence and love to give should not walk among us. They are just people whom will grow up to kill. Who needs that in our society. If there were a way to rehabilitate and be absolute that they would never do it again then I would go for that. Caleb death has at least brought more awareness as did Cecil the lion.. And so on. I just hope the catch the sob.this world needs to change.

  40. WOW this is sick, R.I.P caleb…

  41. R.I.P Celeb God will stand in judgement of them and they will pay for what they did. my poor baby you are with God now and he loves you you will not be forgotten

  42. Vile disgusting soulless bastard who tortured this little puppy, must be really sick in the head, the law should punished this so called human.

  43. Margarita Torres | August 17, 2016 at 3:03 am | Reply

    Its time already to do something this people mental, depratators sick or devil continous abusing this animals around the world and witness or people video the scenes sometime and they don’t do nothing.Please Please! stop abusing those indefenses. I’m so mad if I see something like that in front of me I go blind I don’t know what I can do myself. People in their neiborhood or comunity report any abuse don’t let it pass or if you hear any dog crying could be something. We had to cooperated too do our part That can’t continious happened. Take with have good technology and smart phones to take anybody to justice.Damm make cried every day when I see they keep abusing animals. We all together have to stop those abuser beacuse could happened with kids too its crazy. Please act now!!!!!

  44. In Col Spgs, Col- you can beat a disabled persons service dog to a pulp & get away with it!!! I fought the system there on that, & the DA, wouldnt do anything!!, I was almost killed,& spent 100’s of hrs trying to at least see charges- nothing.

  45. I want to get my hands soooooooo badly on the person/people that did this to this poor innocent puppy!!! The law enforcement for the punishment for cruelty against these poor innocent animals should be slow torture for months and months until they die!!!!!! Watching this video broke my heart into more than a million pieces and to hear about what kind of torture poor Caleb went through󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹󾌹 We as activists also need to speak out more on cases like these so the law enforcement of all the Governments of the world can take cases like this more seriously and deal with these sick, demented, sadistic, montrous and f*#%ed up assholes like these who did this to this poor puppy!! I pray to God that they find the stupid dumb c*#% who did this!!!!! 󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽󾌽 Please God, please let them find whoever did this!! 󾍛🏽󾍛🏽󾍛🏽

  46. If thats a fucken video of him being tortured im not watching it…have no issue with it being posted but id desperatly want to torture the sick fuck who did this if i see it , beyond belief , as has been said this sico will definitely move on to human victims , no doubt what so ever , his desire to inflict pain and his satisfaction he gets from it will esculate , animals wont be enough of a buzz for him , its only a matter of time , the police should treat this like it is already a serial killers victim

  47. I first read about Caleb yesterday it upset me a lot. I havent stopped thinking about him. I am totally dumb struck i dont even know what to say. I have feelings of intense anger sadness and outrage. To do something like this is not normal, find this sicko and get him off of the streets

  48. Paula Marques | August 17, 2016 at 2:24 pm | Reply

    We hope they will catch the killers responsible have to be Punished

  49. strongestheart wilb | August 17, 2016 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    I I so hope and pray to God that these monsters or Monster is found and dealt with in the appropriate manner in which he deserves… someone knows who he is I hope there’s a reward brings him out of hiding….

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