The world mourns passing of puppy-victim of torture; reward offered

Atlanta, Ga. – On Aug. 10, a witness in Atlanta, Ga., saw a puppy being unceremoniously hurled over a high fence, making a rough landing on the concrete on the other side.

It was easily discernible that this only 3- to 4-month-old puppy, later named Caleb, was in very, very bad shape. Caleb’s rescuers contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asking in desperation for their assistance in saving him. The rescue did not hesitate to agree to fully sponsor his vet care, as well as start a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The rescue issued an immediate release that went viral.

Caleb at the hospital (Stacey Silverstein)

13879462_836673146473718_4500320170933941532_nCaleb, indeed, was in bad shape, but no one was prepared for the extent of his injuries, and to learn about the torture he endured during his very short life on this planet.

Caleb was emaciated, had cigarettes burns all over his body, suffered from a fractured scull, a broken jaw and he was septic. It gets worse. Signs indicate he was sexually assaulted through his anus. The vets said the chances of his surviving these horrific injuries was about 30 percent.


Caleb at the hospital (Stacey Silverstein)

Video of him with his face in the corner and screaming in pain and fear pierced our souls, making us wish we could jump through our computer screen, hold him close to our hearts and make it all better. Ah, but, no. Technology – although great – does not provide that capability.

Posted on facebook by Stacey Silverstein

Caleb’s progress at the vet was shared by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on their facebook page. The animal-loving community around the globe prayed he would pull through. We all looked forward to seeing the sweet little boy eat a good meal, romp and play, and feel the love, affection and belonging of a loving family. We were looking forward to a “happily every after.”

From Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page

That day would never come. That same community that looked forward to all of that received the devastating news from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC that he died. Despite round-the-clock veterinary care and the wonderful folks who worked diligently to make Caleb whole again, the injuries that wracked his frail, little body from someone with a sick, twisted, demented, sadistic mind, took his young life.

Once again, the world mourns. Just like the helpless animals who had gone before him – Puppy Doe, Herbie, Dutch, Mary, Pinky – to name a few, Caleb’s essence remains. His death will not be in vain. It will be a catalyst for change in the form of stricter laws and enforcement of those laws.

Laws express public morality. They reflect society’s norms and values. Whereas animals were treated as mere “property” in the past to do with as we please, our perspective has changed – which is reflected in our laws. Harming humans for no good reason has been illegal for centuries; but this prohibition now extends to animals in all 50 states. Attacking and torturing the vulnerable – those unable to fight back – will not be tolerated in a civilized society.

But the laws are just words on paper if they’re not enforced. For that reason, the reward for the arrest and conviction of party responsible for Caleb’s death still stands. The responsible party must be held accountable for his or her actions.

More seriously is that there is a deranged monster disguised as a human being who walks amongst us. Like the killer of Puppy Doe, he or she looks “normal,” but is far from it. Any person who can torture an animal, and who likely gets giddy with the pleasure of hearing every single painful scream, is deeply disturbed. He or she won’t stop. His or her next target may be someone’s child – another helpless victim.

Nelson Ferry with the Bureau’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), said that “cruelty to animals is a precursor to larger crime.” Similarly the National Sheriffs’ Association has cited for years

studies linking animal abuse and other types of crimes—most famously, murders committed by serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz. The organization also points out the overlap animal abuse has with domestic violence and child abuse.

Anyone with information regarding the torture of Caleb is asked to contact the local law enforcement agency.

Currently, the reward amount is $5,000. Anyone who would like to add to that amount can do so via this flier, by donating directly to Rescue Dog Rock NYC, or by snail mail to: RDRNYC, P.O. Box 101, New York, NY 10028. You should notate your donation is for “Caleb’s Reward Fund.”


17 Comments on "The world mourns passing of puppy-victim of torture; reward offered"

  1. hearbreaking I really hope they catch this scumbag, makes me sick how they made this puppy suffer , what they put him through is so evil feel sick reading tis and now he is gone, s srry little puppy u will get ur justice w will make sure of that , ur at rest now. my hear is bleeding over this little epuppy

  2. Brenda Johnson | August 17, 2016 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    I have not cried so hard for anything as I have for Caleb. I’m asked why I read and watch these horrible stories? My answer to that is it causes me to b so angry that I promise to be one of those to change it. Would we let anyone treat our newborn or child like these puppies, kittens, all animals. Hell No. Excuse me, I’m very upset. Precious beings that God has extended to us to give us love, happiness, and wonderful hugs and kisses. I would like to see these folks enclosed in an area with all of us surrounding them and give them exactly the Hell Caleb endured until they cry and scream with no mercy. Don’t kill them for that’s murder just make them wish they were dead. I’m single, retired but still young. Please tell me were I can start fighting for those that can’t. They need me and I need to help. Text me if you can use me to save them. I hope others will follow. The only solice is that Caleb is playing as a puppy with all the others as God looks on. Caleb my heart will always cry for you. XOXOX. LETS FORCE LAWS TO CHANGE. Luv, Yuki.

  3. RIP sweet Caleb. Hope whoever did this pays in this life or in the next…

  4. I pray they find and convict whomever is responsible for the abuse,as well as anyone who knew and allowed this to happen! And believe you me there are plenty!!! This can not and must not be allowed to continue! And I believe that state prison sentences should be doled out to those convicted on cases such as this one! Caleb’s death must mark a time when we start punishment for these offenders mandantory jail time as a minimum sentence!!!

  5. Marilyn purkis | August 18, 2016 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    Im So sorry caleb rest in peace darling with the angels x

  6. Someone knows that caleb was owned by sabistic bastard why haven’t they come forward,not for the money but because it’s the right thing to do,I’d personally like to treat him how he treated poor darling Caleb & let the bastard scream & cry for mercy until he realises no mercy is coming for him. The problem is although the law on paper is tougher to protect animals the courts don’t use it (I read a POS bitch got 66yrs for felony charges against a number of dogs but suspended it to 180 days so why bother making it seem like she got a decent sentence when really she got a slap on wrist) RIP Caleb you are so loved I wish you’d been strong enough to live & see & feel the love so many of us have for you little darling x x x x

  7. Dear sweet baby , what I would give to have been able to save you from what you went through in this sick world; I hope one day soon to hold you in my arms. Rest in peace now sweet baby… I love you.

  8. Evil humans! I hate you! I hate the one who did that and I hate the rest who have no protection to protect animals…

  9. What happened to this poor little guy is disgusting and awful, and I’ll go home and hug my dogs tight tonight. However plenty of other animals suffer immense torture and abuse every single day, but people turn a blind eye to them because humans have been conditioned to think they need to consume their flesh.

    Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys etc… all intelligent loving animals, that form bonds just like dogs, want affection, fear pain, feel sadness and all want to live… No one bats an eye at their suffering.

    What happened to Caleb is awful, and I hope his abusers are found and punished serverely, but please consider all the other farmed animals that experience this kind of suffering daily, but their pain is kept hidden behind fences, walls and other means to keep the public in the dark.

  10. Animals are creatures of God .. and for that we should treat them like so.. creatures of god love them care for them but most of all respect them. They to feel wen they are mistreated or loved they have heart that ache just like ours. Difference is they can verbally speak. For those who are not animal lovers not askin for u to like them just respect them dont hurt them . Let them be. May this sweet puppy rip. And may the person who did this to an innocent animal may sumhow get karma . 😇

    • Where was your impotent god when Caleb was being tortured and the 30, 000 children were dying the same day…and the numerous children and inocent animals who died in the same time it took you to write your message.
      I wish religious people would have some fucken respect and leave their fantacies to them selves.
      This thread is about animal abuse and Caleb respect it

      • Oh thank you for saying that…most annoying. Where is god when horrific things and situations happen to animals? god or karma which is it. This poor puppy, there are no words except horrific – and I hate, HATE the people that did this. Heartbroken and so pissed at the same time.

        • Yeah i try to just ignor the rediculous religious comments rather than getting dragged into saying something…just had one of those days getting sick of all the god posts you have to read.
          Yes it makes me very sad when i read about something like this poor dog…its hartbreaking…also i try not to read too much of the negetive stuff on the net or it can effect your mood or day.
          My hart is full of love so i cant begin to understand this

  11. Did they catch the person yet? Someone must know who it is in Georgia.
    Evil is alive and well. Yes, God cares, but people are the ones who make decisions. ‘The whole world is under the control of the evil one.’ 1 John 5:19

  12. i’m so sorry, but here’s what i would do should this bastard be caught. Heat a splintery tree branch on fire, as in a red hot coal, make the end as sharp and pointy as possible, then shove it again and again up his or hers ass as far as it will go – until he passes out. yep- its gross – but that should do the trick. maybe if this were standard punishment, animal abusers would think twice.

  13. I think u should of put this on the local news and someone has to of known and seen this dog if you want to find this monster who is still roaming this earth and may right now still be doing it to a human or any other kind of animal because there sick and twisted. Why haven’t you put this on the local news then you will find this sick abuser. Put it on the news. Someone is bound to now Caleb.

  14. It was SATAN himself.that is why they can not find him.i sent my guardian angel to find the scumbag.

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