The desperate state of affairs for animals south of the California border

The situation for animals south of the California border is bad. Although a number of U.S. citizens are aware of the situation and try to help, the condition isn’t getting any better. It’s one animal after another. It never stops.

Animals in this area aren’t being sterilized, resulting in multiple unwanted births. Animals are perceived by the majority to be pests, like cockroaches. Pet abandonment is commonplace.

If pets are abandoned because their humans moved, the now-homeless animals will usually remain in the area where they were left behind. Also common, however, is the practice of driving or physically taking their pets to some distant place and dumping them in an area where they cannot return home. For these animals, most will wait there for their human to return and it is in that place where they will eventually die. Some are taken to a dump site or landfill, just like trash.

Whatever the case, they are now homeless, and more often than not, unvaccinated and unsterilized. Unvaccinated and with seriously a compromised immune system due to starvation and exposure, they catch a myriad of diseases. They are also vulnerable to injuries after being being run over, beaten by humans, or attacked by coyotes or other animals.

PicMonkey Collage

In the video, you see a few dogs who have made their “pilgrimage” to a dump site. In this particular video, the dump site is further south of Tijuana, but it’s the same scenario at every landfill or dump site south of the California border.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.52.11 AM

The video also depicts a dog who was dumped by his owners in a mountain-like area where he cannot find his way out. He howls and cries all day and all night. He’s lonely. He’s confused. He’s terrified. He’s longing to be with his family; his pack. Rescuers are going to make another attempt at rescuing this stranded dog. Anyone with experience in navigating in rough terrain would help tremendously.

1Then, there’s the more typical scenario of a family that moves to another residence and leaves their pet behind, like Willy here, who was found sleeping on top of a mattress. Gravely ill, he is currently hospitalized.

The situation for animals in this neck of the woods is dire. Boarding facilities, fosters and even veterinarians are bursting at the seams with homeless animals.

Help is desperately needed from U.S. rescues. U.S.-based reputable rescues are asked to take in some of these animals whose lives already suck. Most are fully vetted, vaccinated and sterilized. It will free up space and resources to accommodate more stray animals in need. At this time, there isn’t enough demand for them – not even from rescues whose mission is to save animals. At this point, rescuers are forced to “pick-and-choose” which animals to save, and which will be left behind. It’s a tough and heart-wrenching decision, but there is no alternative.

Where one might see an old, sick animal, we see a weary spirit yearning to be held and loved. All animals are worthy of love; not just the cute and young ones; not just the ones that can be adopted out quickly in return for nice adoption fees. That is not animal rescue.

THIS here – what you see in this video – is the essence of animal rescue.

Any rescue that can help place these beautiful creatures is asked to comment below. We can hook you up with a host of rescuers who devote their time and resources to saving these forgotten animals.

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