Faithfully yours…

Dear Future Forever Family:

My name is Frankie. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico. I used to have a family. That was a long, long time ago. Still, I remember how they held me when I was a tiny, fluffy puppy. As I grew older, they lost interest in me and left me outside a lot. Oh, how I longed for the days when I was that cute puppy.

One day, my family went away and never came back. I waited and waited in the same neighborhood where I grew up. Some kids kicked me. Some kids threw stones at me. Who could blame them? I was ugly. Some people took pity on me and tossed me scraps of food. I slept under cars, or wherever I could find shelter from the searing heat, biting cold or pouring rain.

I got sick. I felt sick. My skin burned. My left eye hurt so much, my head throbbed. I learned later that I had other life-threatening illnesses people couldn’t see. A woman in the U.S. saw my photo and had someone take me to the vet. The vet said I was old and dying. He recommended that I should die that day. The woman said “no!” She wanted to give me a chance.

Despite the odds against me, I overcame many illnesses, including ehrlichia, anemia, surgery and chemo to remove cancer (CTVT), demodectic mange, and an eye amputation due to a deep ulcer in it. I can’t make babies because they took my two “figs” off. I received my combination, Bordetella and rabies vaccinations. To make sure I wouldn’t get the ehrlichia virus again, I am on Bravecto.

PicMonkey Collage4 copy

I’m almost 100 percent – almost because my heart still hurts from utter loneliness. I am thankful I was saved from death, but I long to love and be loved. I don’t have many years left. You see, at 9 or 10 years old, I am old in doggie years. I know I’m “ugly;” or I feel that way, anyway. The human who saved me saw my heart, not my appearance. She was certain a rescue would want me, but they all declined. I guess I’m what you would call “unadoptable.” I have only one eye, which makes me uglier to some, but my heart is whole, which you can have for my whole life – if you will have me. I promise.

If you watch me on the video, I’m beautiful on the inside. You will see that I am a loving boy. I love people, children and other animals. The woman would like a rescue to take me to find a suitable home, but she will accept a private party adoption if you live in the Southern California area. If you’re a rescue, she said to email her at If you would like me to join your family, she said to click here, download the PDF application form, which is on the left side of the page, complete it, and email it to

Faithfully yours,



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