Got room for Ken or Barbie?

Tijuana, Mex. – When Ken was found on the streets of Tijuana, Mex., he was dying of hunger, dehydration, anemia and ehrlichia. Fellow animal rescuers, Yanira Alonso and Dulce Poly, teamed up to find him after they were alerted of his plight by another animal rescuer. They drove to the site and finally spotted him lying in some weeds. He was skin and bones. He could barely stand on his own.


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They then noticed he had a female buddy — a little Chi-mix. They named her Barbie. Both abandoned, Ken and Barbie must have teamed up to survive on the streets.


Ken was in very bad shape compared to Barbie. The vet didn’t think he would make it. After a month of hospitalization, Ken survived.

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Much smaller, it was easier to find a foster for Barbie. Ken, however, is a big dog; so, after his stint at the vet, he was placed in a boarding facility.



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Sadly, he is currently housed in a “small corridor.” It is small and cramped, so Ken is unable to run around and exercise. It is definitely not conducive for a larger dog.

Alonso and Poly are desperate to find him a good forever home where he can run and play and exercise.

Both Ken and Barbie are up-to-date on shots and sterilized. They were a bonded pair on the streets, but can be adopted separately. They get along well with other dogs and people. Barbie gets along with cats, too.

Other pertinent information about Ken and Barbie are provided below.

Ken:  2 years old / male / 55 lbs. / unknown breed / good temperament / good health

Barbie:  1 year old / female / 12 lbs. / Chi-mix / good temperament / good health

If you are a rescue or person that can take either Ken or Barbie, please email

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